So there is the reason Trump is not Impeached or forced to resign as of yet, believe me.

I am a Disabled veteran who gave 16 years of my life to America, I was discharged in 1989, long before Trump came around. I served real Presidents who believed in America and Democracy, not a President who is narcissistic, stupid and selfish and doesn’t care about anyone but himself. I shake my head daily at the lies Trump tells Americans on a daily basis and I wonder, I really do, what is going to happen in 2020.

Will Americans really vote to reelect this man, after his crimes, and his lies? can Americans who are die-hard Trump supporters really continue to back this man and let him drag America into the dumps like he is?

How many Investigations must we see, how many hours of Government time and money must we witness being used to investigate this man and his ways?

We have the Russia Investigation headed by Robert Mueller, we have numerous committees in COngress Investigating and The southern District of New York also, and they are into everything Trump has ever been a part of an dhis finances. Does that tell you there is something seriously wrong here with the way he became President and the way he runs his businesses and life? Doesn’t that tell you there is enough unlawfulness and crime there to make all of these people dig?

I may be disabled and hurt, but my mind is fine and I can say this, never in American History has a President had so many investigations underway during his Presidency?

Andrew Johnson was the first President brought up for Impeachment because he fired, because he fired Lincoln’s Secretary of War.

Then time flew by and we got Richard Nixon, with Watergate and break-ins and lies, and he was forced to resign the Office.

Then came Bill Clinton, and Whitewater and the Lewinsky Affair. Clinton was almost impeached for a damn blowjob folks!

Now we have Trump. combine all of the above crimes and President’s together and he tops all with the amount of crimes he has committed as President and before he won! Yet, he is still President, why?

I have said this before and will say it again, The Republicans will continue to keep Trump in Office because they own the Senate, and they can block any effort by the Democrats. But what’s the real reason for them doing so, when Trump’s crimes even upset them. Simple the reason is called Vice President Mike Pence! He is a religious zealot, who wants to kill Abortions and take away a woman’s right to choose. But the real kicker is this, Mike Pence served in Congress he knows how to write a bill or law and how to get one passed, Trump doesn’t. So there is the reason Trump is not Impeached or forced to resign as of yet, believe me.

One thought on “So there is the reason Trump is not Impeached or forced to resign as of yet, believe me.

  1. You are absolutely right on yhis asshole that is running this country. He’s doing more harm than good. People will see in the end what type of person he is. He like Putin and Kim. Does that tell you anything! I’m with you buddy I hope he gets impeached.


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