It’s a sad time in America for sure!

Today in America we face a flock of Democrats running for President or all colors and sexes, and from all offices in Congress, not one has been brave enough yet to call Trump out by name! What is the story there folks, are they scared of him?

The Democratic Contenders for 2020 are a good list so far for sure. I personally have my favorite so far, but won’t reveal any names yet. The interesting thing, more so than any election coming up is the Investigations surrounding Trump now.

Many things have disturbed me over the last two plus years that Trump has been in office, but none more so than his constant denial of collusion. I think he protests too much in this case, why would he scream no collusion so loudly, if there isn’t some? he screams it every chance he gets, for no reason other than to stress it loudly, why?

I will tell you why, right here, so all can understand. He knows if they find collusion as charged and bring it to the public’s attention and write Articles of Impeachment on it, it amounts to Treason! Treason in America is punished by hanging by law, a treasonous act of any kind would do Trump in.

Sadly, too many Americans want to protect Trump, it is sad, he doesn’t care about you at all, or me or anyone else, he cares only about Trump and his own.

They are digging for the truth they will find it, just as Cohen found it and brought it forward, in the last weeks. what will America do if Mueller’s Report reveals collusion by Trump with Russia? What will happen if one committee can prove it beyond a doubt, what will America do then?

What happens when The Southern District of New York charges a sitting President, or waits until he is out of office? What will America say when it is proven Trump won the election by way of Russian Rubles, which is what happened here.

No President loses the popular vote by over 300,000 votes and wins the White House without cheating! It’s a sad time in America for sure!

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