Hillary didn’t Lie folks, she called it as she saw it!

As a Disabled American Veteran who depends on his monthly check to survive, I sad to hear Trump is messing with Veterans Administration stuff and out Benefits and trying to scoop up funds. What is wrong with this picture is simple, this is a draft dodging President appointing his rich friends to Boards and Committees that control Veteran’s Benefits! Why? The only reason he would is to get his hands and his friends hands into the money pot. This President, is a thief, a con man, a fraud and a draft dodger! It’s sad, leave the Veterans Administration alone Trump, we need our benefits and we served to protect all not ourselves.

Next subject, Michael Cohen testified for the fourth time before Congressional Committees and each time he does, Trump gets deeper sunk in the morass he calls the swamp. The swamp that is there is Trump’s not anyone else’s for sure. He said I will clean up the Swamp, he lied, he increased the swamp creatures and dangers in Washington, DC. Sadly, he lied about cleaning it up and brought in bigger, more dangerous critters for sure.

As the Evidence mounts in more than one investigation, starting with the Russia Investigation, then add in all of Cohen’s Testimony, and all the Committees, and then the Southern District of New York, it is becoming abundantly clear, Trump is a indeed a criminal. It is stupid to see it any other way folks, the evidence is so deep , it is deeper then the swamp he increased in Washington,DC.

The only real question at this point is what will happen next? Will the Democrats opt for Impeachment or Forcing him to Resign? I doubt it, for they fear Mike Pence more than Trump for sure. So what do they do next?

My opinion is this one, I think they will let him play out his term, and watch him carefully. It’s safer that way then Mike Pence as President. We all know Trump hasn’t accomplished a damn thing as President, his whole Presidency has been a stupid show that is now falling in the ratings. His presidency has worse ratings then The Apprentice did after he left!

How far are the American People going to allow Trump to push America toward autocratic bearings and corrupt our country? You tell me America!

Never In American History has an American President used a foreign country, who is our sworn enemy to win the Presidency till Donald J, Trump, and if you can’t see that, then you blind and living in a cave with no access to the news and papers and radio and television!

Representative Nadler will dig deeper as will Senator Adam Schiff folks, and the Southern District of New York. Mueller will complete his Russia Investigation soon enough, and i believe between all of these investigations, in the end they will all find that Hillary Clinton was correct and honest when she stood before the world on Television and told us all Trump is Putin’s Puppet! Hillary didn’t Lie folks, she called it as she saw it!

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