God Bless Music!

Music comes in many different form as we all know, the popular forms are Rock, Country, Blues,Motown, Rap and yes even Classical! People listen to music all the time in their cars or trucks, on the road and off at home too, or in clubs even in stores and malls. Each musical form is unique in it’s own right and has it’s own fan base, I know this because I love music myself.

I love Rock and Roll and Country and Motown and Blues mostly myself and I know others who have loved Classical and yes even Opera Music. It is a matter of taste rally for all who love music and we all get passionate about the one or ones we love most. We follow certain singers, certain bands, and pay to see them in concert on stages across the world. It’s what we call, having a passion for music!

I was born in 1956 and raised mostly in the 1960’s when Rock and Roll was King and Country was coming on strong. I love all music and I love to DJ it all too, and Entertain others using it. My music collection grows each time I DJ or even in between when I hear songs I like and download them. I wish I could tell you how many songs I have, but I can’t for they are in my computer and on an external hard drive I use just for Djing purposes. Music is everything to me, but alas it can’t stay that way forever can it, I am getting older now, I turned 63 in January of 2019. I have medical problems from a life of living that included 16 years of Service to my country in three different branches. In the service we all had our own love of music and would listen to it on or off duty, soothing our nerves, the tension and stress and to just have fun and relax. Music provides for all of that and more.

I have seen some of the greatest singers, song writers, and producers and musicians come and go in my lifetime. Some were one hit wonders, some became classics of the genre of music they love and play or sing. What is it about music that make sit vital to so many people, simple it’s beat, it’s song, it’s style hits a chord with you as a person or a chord in your lifestyle period, it moves your soul and makes you smile, laugh,cry, or just want to move and dance. It is indeed a vital part of mankind’s life on this planet. Music is not vital to keeping you alive, but it is vital to the human spirit and heart and soul out there in it’s own way. It touches us in one way or another and I don’t care if it’s Rock, Rap, Country, classical or Operedic. For some the music never dies, until they actually do and that my friends is a real music lover.

I was lucky as a kid, for I had a stepfather who played guitar and piano and liked to sing old country tunes. I wanted to pay an instrument, and he let me try, with a violin, the lesson lasted less than three months, because my fingers couldn’t handle the bridge of the instrument I was trying to learn. I did learn to read music in five minutes, but that was at five years old, and I have forgotten it now over the years. The point being the love of music never left me, but the drive to learn to make it did.

As music and time goes on so will it also affect lives of billions and billions of people on the planet earth, It will go into space and if mankind makes a home on another planet it will go with us I am sure. Music will always be out there no matter where we go as a species I am positive of that!

As to me, well, who knows how much longer i may survive on this planet, my life gets shorter by the day and minutes I am here. My health is going south and I know it, my breathing is erratic at times, I get dizzy at times and even my eyesight seems to get blurry on and off. My Service injuries get worse everyday, I have six herniated discs in my spine I live with daily. My diabetes gets worse no matter what medication I am on and, my head hurts when it does. Yet I have to hang on and keep going to keep my wife going, who had stage four breast cancer that is now in her bones. So each day is a contest of my will , vs my body’s stamina and ability to hang on.

Music does bring me Joy though in life and I DJ online in a program called Second Life, put out by a Company called Linden Labs. It is for my pleasure I do it and for the pleasure of those who listen, who are like me, disabled, lost, or just looking for a way to contact and touch others out of loneliness or boredom. Life doesn’t stop when your ill, or hurt or injured folks, it keeps going and music sometimes provides many a way to stay in touch with it all!.

God Bless Music!

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