A Message to Sarah Huckabee Sanders!

I have lived through every President since Dwight D. Eisenhower, and I must say this, all up to Trump had some accomplishments to look to and point at after they left office, including Richard M. Nixon.

I am not saying all were perfect for we know each had their own faults, but in the end all at least stood proud and represented the United States across the globe and at home as best they could without embarrassing the hell out of us.

I can not and would not say that of Donald John Trump. He is the most embarrassing and humiliating President ever elected to the Office. This man hides his elementary school, high school and college grades from the american people and his tax returns too, why?

His speech is broken, his memory is failing an dhe can’t even call heads of huge Organizations and Companies by their right names. There is no Tim Apple, it’s Tim Cook, who runs Apple as it’s CEO, a simple name like Tim Cook that is world renowned and spoken daily by billions of people and Trump can’t get it right come on!

Trump i hiding his transcripts and grades for a reason folks, he sucked as a student. He barely got by actually and if his dad, didn’t leave him a fortune, he would be broke today. Trump is phoney, a liar and a con artist just as Michael Cohen stated he was before Congress. Sadly, this is what the American People voted in, in 2016.

When you choose wrong you lose America! We are losing as millions upon millions have no health care coverage now. Why, because Trump killed Obama Care, because Obama humiliated him and embarrassed him at a public function and dinner. Trump came into to office determined to kill anything Obama had a hand in creating or building all because he is a pitiful, man child who is petulant and with a very low IQ.

I have heard how some want Trump to stay in office, because they think Pence is ore dangerous than Trump could ever be and I agree. I also agree with Nancy Pelosi who stated it publically just recently, Trump is not worth the effort to Impeach!

Trump is less dangerous than MIke Pence for pence is a religious zealot who wanted to control women’s rights and kill abortions in America. Women should have and always will have the right to choose in my opinion, why should a woman be forced to give birth to a rapist’s child? I believe each woman has the ability to choose for herself, within the laws provided today.

Mike Pence is also more dangerous than Trump, because he has experience and he knows how to write bills and laws and pass them through Congress, Trump doesn’t. So yes we are probably better off with letting Trump complete his term and voting him out by a landslide in 2020.

Many candidates are now entering the race, on The democrats side at least. I am waiting for a Republican who has guts and brains enough to take on Trump in 202. William Weld may do it, and i hope other sare considering it too. I will tell the world this and the Republicans too, if you think you can ride the coattails of Trump and win in 2020, you may be in for the biggest disappointment in American History. AT least that is my hope at this point. This President Donald John Trump has no care or concern for America or it’s People, he is selling us out to other countries daily, whenever he gets a chance.

He attacks our allies with Tariffs, he attacks the American people with his lies on average of 24 per day, and contradicts his own advisors and Secretaries he put in office daily. What the hell did you put them for if not to take their advice? Sad!

I actually feel sorry for Sarah Huckabee Sanders the Press Secretary. She is forced to come out and lie to the American People and parrot Trump’s words when she does. Yet I believe she is getting wise to it now, for the more she lies to the American People, the worse her reputation becomes as a Press Secretary. So, she is spreading out her public statements and briefings now as far apart as she can, if you haven’t noticed. here is the Press Secretary’s main problem, she can’t answer question honestly because Trump won’t either so she can’t back up what he says. Trump says one thing one moment than another the next so she is left without answers to give that are factual or that can be proven to be honest and correct.

I have advice for the Press Secretary, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, you have already accomplished what no other woman has, you got to be Press Secretary, Resign Soon! When you leave the Office of Press Secretary, I remind you, you reputation is done. You have uttered too many falsehoods and lies and repeated and parroted the most corrupt President in American History, who do you think will hire you next? My reply is no one, and if you want proof of the effects of the Press Secretary job or position under a Trump President just look at the pitchman now Sean Spicer. go ahead!

Those with intelligence and those who can see beyond the end of their nose and who are not blind, left the trump White House Early on. They saw the corruptness, the illegal acts and the heard the lies early on, or were indicted and arrested and facing trial or prison time soon. So, I ask you Sarah Huckabee Sanders, will you dad, MIke Huckabee, visit you when your arrested, tried and convicted and in an orange jump suit in the future behind bars? I bet he will disown you then!

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