Nixon and Trump two Crooks and Con men!

Richard M. Nixon was a President who had high intelligence and the ability to unite up until he became fearful of winning reelection. Then what he did was spy on the Democrats, order a break-in to Watergate and a Doctor’s Office and then when the people who were caught doing it, got caught he lied to the American public and in the end ended his own Presidency and his political life, and ended up in seclusion, until his death!

Donald John Trump I submit is far worse than Richard Nixon could ever be. He has no real educational background, he is of lower intelligence in all ways, he has zero accomplishments since being elected and he is put in place by Putin, Russian Rubles and is a destructive force against democracy and the American Republic, working from the inside to destroy America.

Richard Nixon at least accomplished a hell of a lot more than Trump will ever accomplish and of that I have no doubt. Nixon opened Russia and China, Nixon ended the Vietnam War, Nixon at least had accomplishments which will never disappear in American history.

Trump has zero accomplishments in over two years in office. that’s right zero! He has done nothing for the American People, except lie to us in a just over two years in office. His involvement with how he was elected President, using Russian Rubles and Russian Backing, is so clear to most Americans, it is sickening. What Trump did and no one is getting this yet, he sold America to the Russians period. Russia got the keys to American politics and America Media and American Internet. Once that happened it was easy to direct and shift people’s minds to back Trump. The Truth is Trump is a phoney!. He has no real credentials to lay back on. You didn’t see his tax returns because he cheats on them, you don’t see his grades or transcripts from college and you won’t. His Dad gave him his fortune when he was 4 years old and then again when he reached adulthood, Trump is not a self-made billionaire folks, he is a phoney! It’s already proven in media reports nationwide.

CNN will be showing a program called Tricky Dick starting Sunday. They will get into where Nixon went wrong and why and what he did for all to see. I submit, as you watch Nixon’s downfall, please compare it to our current situation with Donald J. Trump and then add in collusion with Russia which is really conspiracy against America, and that has already been partially proven through the Manafort Cases in Federal Courts. I say this because like others before him, and Cohen, all say the same thing, all that happened regarding Russia, was known and approved by those higher up in the American Government. In other words as Donald John Trump said himself, nothing happened in his campaign he did not know of or approve of before it happened. The reason Donald John Trump is a bigger crook and con man than Richard M. Nixon is simple, he conspired with our sworn enemy the Russians and took over the American government and is doing Russia’s bidding from the inside now.

I will leave you with a thought here all should consider for the 2020 election. The last person to conspire against America so high up in its own government as much as Donald Trump, he was Benedict Arnold back in the Revolutionary War, an American General. Let me say this, and I am saying it here, Richard M. Nixon may have been a crook and con man, but he never sold out his country, Benedict Arnold did and now so has Donald John Trump! To Congress as well as the country I say this to all Americans, Nancy Pelosi is correct, Impeaching Trump is not worth the effort, time or money and would take too long and the Republicans in the Senate would block it anyway.

So, to all Americans with a soul, a heart and who are patriotic and who love America, Vote Donald John Trump out come November 2020. If the Republicans have anyone with a brain left in the Republican Party or Committee they should pull the Nomination from Donald John Trump and Nominate someone else! Even from a republican”s standpoint they must see, Donald John Trump is a major problem for their party and for their future! He is a Fraud, A Con Man, a Criminal, and a Phoney, and a major Crook! It can’t get much clearer to see for all America!

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