Let’s find the next President and Remove Trump!

Are we living in A Republic and Democracy or a Dictatorships and autocratic rule of one man?

Since when does an American President have his own Military, Police Force and Biker Gangs that will make things very bad, very bad for anyone going against them?

I am a white man, I served 16 years in the U.S. Serves, including Army, Army national Guard and Navy, I served with all men, protecting America and its people, and keeping us free and gave up my health doing so too. Now someone tell me why an American President is saying such bullshit to us all and does he really think he owns the Military and police forces of the United States? I can care less about his so called bikers, real bikers would tell him to go f–k himself if he called them. This President is a White Supremacist and a bigot and fool also and a Puppet of Putin. It is why it was so easy for putin to get control of Trump, because Trump is a sick man. He is a Narcissist, a Con Man, a phoney and a Liar in all ways.

He is not a self-made man as he always yells, his daddy gave hime 16 million at four years old. he isn’t a businessman who is any good at a damn thing, matter of fact anyone who commits to so many bankruptcy in their business life sucks at business. The Lies just pile up is all and they get people who are like me mad.

He’s a draft Dodging, lying man. He will finish his term in shame and go down in history as the Worst United States President in History. The only reasons he won’t be Impeached are simple ones but honest ones, 1) The People and Members of both Houses, fear Mike Pence more than Trump. 2) Time it would take to bring charges and Articles of Impeachment would be too much and his term would expire before it could be accomplished.

Sadly, Americans are stuck with a dumb f__k for a President until 2021 January. Congress and Nancy Pelosi are doing the right thing in not pursuing Impeachment and blocking him in anyway they can for his wall money request. We don’t need a southern border wall unless we want to make Mexico an enemy. In the end he has now Vetoed the Resolution to stop his wall, but The House and Senate will get to vote again to block him and I hope and pray Representatives and Senators will open their eyes and minds and hearts and see that he is breaking the Constitution by doing what he is. I hope they will grow a set in both Houses, especially in the Senate and block him.He is breaching all the Constitution stands for in America He is not the Judge and Jury on this wall subject, Americans are.

Sadly there is not much more that can be done, what needs to be done now is to find a person, brave enough and smart enough, patriotic enough and bold enough to take him on in 2020 and beat him soundly. Let’s find the next President and Remove Trump!

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