The Mueller Report is complete now! Leave McCain Alone and let him rest in Peace!

The Mueller Report is complete now, and handed in by Mueller himself to Attorney General William Barr. As Barr reviews and goes over it, it is said that soon it will be released to Congress and The American Public. I can not tell you how important this is to the American Public and to America’s future. For once the results are shown I am hoping many questions will be answered for all to see.

What did Trump do or not do, did he know of the Russian Connection to his Campaign in 2016, did he direct Cohen, Stone, Bannon and Manafort and Gates? When did he find out they were doing it and did he direct them? So many questions still remain, after two years of investigations by the Special Prosecutor.

  1. Was there Collusion?
  2. Obstruction of Justice?
  3. Campaign laws for finances and more all broken or not and who knew when?
  4. Did Trump direct Stone, Manafort, his son Donald Jr. and others?
  5. Emolument Laws being broken and run over?
  6. The Biggest question of all is still to be answered here, and that is did Donald J. Trump as President break laws in Office and commit crimes?
  7. Lying to the American Public by a President is not right and DOnald J. Trump has been doing it since the day he strolled down that escalator in Trump Tower. His Lying to the American Public is on the average of 25 lies a day. Not Right!

As we await the results, and see exactly what a two year investigation will show us all, we must remember it is far from over, even if the Russia Investigation is not indicting anyone else. The names indicted are all directly connected to Donald J, Trump the U.S. President. They all acted to get him elected and in Office, and the question is did he authorize them to act and approve of it all.

I am hoping the answers are coming out of the Russia/ Mueller Report soon enough and that the Attorney General will release the report in full to Congress and slightly redacted to the American Public we have a right to know what happened here and when the President of the U.S. became a criminal and what he really did. We paid for this investigation, and we deserve the results and proof of all found. We deserve to know!

Now that it is over it is important to remember, while Mueller could not question Trump in person and the report is finished, the State of New York is not finished, far from it. The southern District of New York is still Investigating big time and they will continue to until they are satisfied they have the truth period. So, that will be outstanding until completed and something to watch for next.

The Congressional Committees will continue to Investigate, until they get the answers we all need also. So no matter what the Mueller investigation found Trump and his cronies are far from not guilty. I am sure it will come out no matter how hard and far he runs or tries to hide from it all. I look forward to it.

I know that Nancy Pelosi said it correctly in my book, Trump is not worth the effort or cost of being Impeached. At this stage he is past his halfway point. Time itself. is against Impeachment period, it would take too long to Impeach him and drag through the rest of his term costing the taxpayers billions. He will more than likely finish his term in disgrace and be embarrassed and humiliated out of Office in 2020, he is a crook, a thief, a con man and a liar and I honestly believe he conspired with Russia to get the Presidency and the Office he holds.

He has zero real accomplishments in Office and that is how he will end too, zero real accomplishments because he doesn’t have the itelligence to complete anything.

He hid his taxes why? He Hid his transcripts and grades in high school, and college also. Why? He lied about being a self-made billionaire, he was handed 16 Million at freaking 4 years old, he didn’t make it on his own daddy saved it for him. Lies!

Look I can go on and on about this con man’s lies and bullshit he spouts, but it is too sad to go much further now.

Trump is a draft dodging individual with no guts or balls to have served his country. he dodged the draft, his daddy paid a Doctor to get him reports as four F for bone spurs he has never had in his life. He’s a coward, a thief, a con man, a liar and a failure as a man, a person a husband and a businessman, now he can the title of a Failed President to his long list of failures too! The American Public is not seeing it and it will get clearer, just how bad it is when Mueller’s report is released and the Southern District of New York finishes too. So hang on America here it comes be prepared, and I pray no one is stupid enough to believe Trump at all about anything anymore.

He knocks John McCain, he doesn’t like him and the man is dead and buried and gone now over 6 months. John McCain was a hero, a man who served his country and became a POW who refused to be released before his men were. His bones were broken to make him talk and he didn’t he suffered for the rest of his life once released from Hanoi. He received medals Trump will never see, for Trump is a draft dodger and a worthless piece of shit really. Jealousy will not make Trump a John McCain no matter how hard he tries to tear McCain down. McCain was Hero, A Pow, A Disabled Veteran, and a Senator, he would have had a heroic burial and full honors no matter what Trump did, Congress and The American Public made it so, not Trump. Trump couldn’t have stopped it if he tried an dhe knew it, he doesn’t deserve a Thank You for making it so, despite him it would have happened anyway. Unlike McCain’s daughter, I am not one not to say what I think and i will tell all, when Trump does die I doubt anyone will show for his laying in state or burial, he is an asshole and a conspirator with Russia. he will go down in history as America’s worst President period and be buried in silence, watch for yourselves now.

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