Vote for anyone else except Trump in November of 2020, let’s turn the mess around now!

Ok Attorney General Barr and his Assistant say no collusion with russians. That’s fine but lets see the actual Mueller report in its entirety. Lets see what the the American people paid to get done, and not rely on one man’s opinion of it, he was appointed by Trump.

That said and done and requested release the full report AG Barr, let the american people read it for themselves and determine what to believe or not to believe. The American People deserve that much at least, we paid for it.

Now some questions till come to mind for me, like: Why were the Russians all of a sudden interfering in the American Election process period and who asked them to? At whose direction were so many rubles spent to run ads on FaceBook, Tumbler and other web sites, directed at the American People and against Hillary Clinton?

If we get those answers we may know how to stop future interference in our Elections if not it will happen again unless we find a way to stop it all.

As to the Mueller Report Vindicating Trump in all ways, it is not so, even if you read Barr’s statement he released. But for the purpose of avoiding further bitching and crying by any politicians out there in either party, lets see the damn report and the Americna People can determine.

What was going on in The Trump Tower Meeting and why did it occur and who knew of it? What did Trump know and when is the real question here, not whether he personally directed it, but did he know anything about it? Period.

Look I don’t care if Trump is impeached or not anymore, my concern and thought is this, what really happened and why were the russians in that 2016 election and campaign? How do we stop it in the future?

In the meantime we are living a nightmare we as American People should not have to live. We have a President who is racist, a white supremacist, and who is tearing down the Republic and Democracy we live under and defying it’s constitution and laws. Do we continue to turn our head and look the other way and let him do it? Or do we step up and stop him?

The bottom line to me is this Mueller couldn’t get proof, that would hold up in court is all. It does not Vindictae Trump in anyway, especially for obstruction of Justice.

I know one thing if Trump gets elected again for four more years social security will go, medicare and medicaid will go and the poor will be raped in taxes, a sthey are now. He will not help the lower class or middle class, only his millionaire and billionaire friends. He has already proven it, just look around his 2020 budget calls for cuts in Social Security, Medicare and medicaid when he promised to never touch them. What the younger generation is about to get if he cuts these things is simple, they will get the bills for caring for their parents and grandparents and children dropped on them. full bills not partials folks, and the price of medical care is humongous i hope all understand that. Obamacare helped with all of that till it was killed by Trump, he never replaced it and doesn’t know how to, so, the generation out there now is screwed and will pay out their asses. And how many seniors will be tossed off Social security and Medicare and Medicaid if he gets reelected of continues on his path and die without help?

I think in 2020 we need a new President and someone who will recognize, we must keep Social Security, Medicare and medicaid, we must help the seniors. We must realize, Global Warming is real and fight it as fast as humanly possible. The Warning from the science world are clear folks, we have ten to 15 years at best before the earth will change and the weather will get horrible. Will you children and grandchildren have air to breath, land to live on and planet to stay on? You tell me, do the research online and you will see.

I can’t change anything, I am only a Disabled Veteran who at 63 gave up 16 years of my life defending America an dour way of life. But I can say this, Trump has destroyed our reputation in the world, the economy he brags about is not real and reaching the poor or middle class and jobs are still disappearing out there. Saldy, he has failed in too many areas. His Border Wall is a distraction really just to make an issue so people won’t see the fact he has no accomplishments at all in over two years in office. Sadly the fact is he will go down as the worst President in American History!

Vote for anyone else except Trump on November of 2020, let’s turn the mess around now!

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