We must watch Trump like eagles watch the skies and ground for prey!

Now that the Mueller Investigation has ended and the Barr report is out, the last thing we need as the American People is the actual Mueller report so we can read it ourselves. If Mitch McConnell and his Republican Senators block it from public view, then there must be something they are hiding. If you have no fear of the Mueller Report then release it and lets get on with it. Why try to block it’s release unless you afraid of what’s in it?

Next subject for I tire of talking of the misdeeds and crimes of Trump and his cronies really, it sickens me, to see such a asshole as President, but I can’t change it for now. No one can and there will never be enough time to Impeach Trump, he can be sanctioned though if it is pushed. The rest will have to be resolved at the time of the November 2020 Presidential Election at the Voting Booths. That is where we must concentrate now no matter what party you belong to Democrats or Republicans.

For the Democrats, they must widdle down the number of Candidates as fast as possible and then back the one they fully believe will beat Trump period. I see very few who will withstand his assault when it starts, the ones i think can I will tell you here so far.

Kamala Harris is a good bet to get the Democratic Nomination and she does not fear Trump’s mouth or his wraith. I like her views on the issues at hand and I like her public speech and actions. I think she makes sense on many or the major issues like Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security. Her stand on Education and Crime Enforcement, a big plus for her is her stand on the Environment and Climate Change, I believe she is 100 percent right we must react now, or put at risk all humankind in the next 10 to 12 years. The change is coming right now an din action we have to fight it and reverse it.

After Senator Harris I would put Joe Biden, the only problem with Joe in my book is his age. But he is also a little too moderate for my liking. Too generous and not hard assed enough. But that’s my opinion at this point, he hasn’t officially declared as of yet so time will tell.

The third possibility I see for Democratic Nomination is Amy Kolchahber. She is a midwest person with midwest values and beliefs and she has no fear of Trump or his big mouth. If i were The democrats I would look at her well.

Now those are the three I have seen I like so far. As to the rest they will have to set themselves apart and try to stand out better to get my attention. Just attacking Trump will not get my vote show me solutions and how you will do it and what you will change for the poor, the middle class and I will consider you.

Lets get on with the issues at hand and let Trump finish his term, when he is out of office in 2021, they can indict his ass and throw him in prison then. For Now the issue at hand must be defeating Trump’ Re-Election period. He is a danger to America and the Democracy and republic or America.

If anyone doubts how dangerous Donald John Trump really is, you should read the book out, The Dangerous Case of Donald J. Trump, 27 Psychiatrists and Mental Health Experts Assess a President.

a Quote from the book is here for all to see: “There are still those who hold out hope this president can be prevailed upon to listen to reason and curb his erratic behavior. Our professional experience would suggest otherwise. We collectively warn that anyone as mentally unstable as this man simply should not be entrusted with the life and eath powers of the presidency”. End Quote.

We must watch Trump like eagles watch the skies and ground for prey! He is dangerous and unstable believe me. I fully Believe that and I am sorry Americans were so desperate and needy as to trust him and elect him president.

If Americans in Kentucky have a brain, in their hearts and souls, they must also put Mitch McConnell out of office next election, all he does is enable Trump to destroy our country. Vote McConnell out of the Senate!

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