The Future of mankind is at stake here and the planet earth.

World Wide concern should be happening right now, on climate change and the world we live in and whether it will be hospitable for our Children and Grandchildren in the future and life period. Scientific facts show the temperatures on a global scale rise 2 degrees a year, and the polar ice caps and icebergs melting at a faster rate than ever before. Which means the following for those who are not listening or paying attention, temperatures rise, icebergs melt, the polar caps melt, waters rise in the oceans and land masses disappear underwater. As lands recess under water there will be less livable land for humans to live on and the carbon released into the atmosphere will make the air less breathable folks. Guess what we are killing the planet we live on and polluting the very air we breath, so how long do you think it will take mother earth to shut down on us and leave us ona water covered barren world mostly underwater? tell me folks how long does mankind have to reverse this process and save the planet we live on, or find a planet to live on once this one shuts down on us? Tell me!

Scientist are saying we have approximately one decade left to reverse these changes in climates and temperatures as it is now. If they are correct, in one decade the earth as a planet will have it’s land masses decreased as well as it’s food production for all. Meaning less to eat, and the air will get so polluted, the oxygen content will decrease, meaning you won’t be able to breath anymore. Am I being too much on this issue, I think not if you study the data and the facts as they sit today!

Our Governments across the globe better wake up soon, for if they don’t, unless we find a habitable planet mankind will cease to exist! I know it sounds like i am yelling and screaming and making too much of it, but the facts say I am not, please look it up yourself, Google It Search it and learn what needs to be done to save people and the planet we rely on! The Future of mankind is at stake here and the planet earth.

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