I pray Americans are smart enough to realize by now what they really got!

Lets talk about Trump’s problem with anything to do with Barack Obama!

President Obama stood proud and tall in office accomplishing many things, and in case you haven’t noticed Trump has targeted everything President Obama ever did. Now why is the is the main question right? Well I’ll tell you why right here.

before The 2016 election, Trump attended a dinner at which President Obama was giving a speech. He sat in the office, as Obama saw him and then commenced to bust his ass publicly, it humiliated Trump, it embarrassed him and all he could do was sit there and take it and turn red faced, he had no place to run or escape to. He hated Obama from that moment on, and when he got elected President he went into Office determined to kill anything with Obama’s name or reputation attached to it. He hated Obama from that and he will never let go, he is like a vindictive woman I tell ya. He is worse than a child or a mad woman, he is a narcissistic, anger lil boy who will never grow up! It’s sad, all he wants is his name on something so history will remember him, it’s like Ann Coulter told him, build that wall Mr. President or you will have no legacy, she was right, cause he can’t accomplish a damn thing. he has failed from day one and he will fail till he dies, that is who he is a failure.

Sadly, he is now on a vendetta against the media, and he wont stop that either, until someone gets killed, he is a hate mongering white supremacist too. He is a liar, a con man and a draft dodger on top of it all too. Sadly that is what the Republicans voted for and got and now America suffers from it!

I hope and Pray come November 2020, we shall all see Trump voted out of office if we don’t this country will go down the tubes for sure. I pray Americans are smart enough to realize by now what they really got!




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