Diabetes, help needed and advice please!.

I am having a hard time controlling my diabetes right now. My blood sugar has risen to 223 and I have fought to bring it back down. The question is why and I haven’t been able as of yet to figure out why.

I am finding I have to watch what I am eating constantly and I need to move more to get it down, the other trick I have tried and seems to work is vinegar in water to drink. It seems to counter the blood sugar level and lower it, if i use it.

Currently, I am on metformin, and famotidine as prescribed by my Doctor. they have held me steady for years, till recently, why I do not know.

I have a blood glucose meter I use now more often when I feel out of whack so to say. My readings are erratic these days, going as high as 276 and down to 102. I am looking at diabetic menus online to help with the problem too. The question still remains as to why it changed on me and why it is shooting up so high, before coming back down again.

I get tired and fuzzy and feel like I am lagging and then I know my blood sugar is high again. The real question is how do I prevent it from happening? I get dizzy and light headed and fatigued from it all. I then go lay down and sleep for a while. The real question is, what I can take or do to stop this madness of my blood sugar level rising an then later sinking!

I know from family history that diabetes , can kill and i fear it may get me in the future. It killed my grandmother, it affected my mother and it now is effecting me. I have had strokes in the past, and I have a family history of heart trouble. So where do I go from here and what should i do is the real question.

I shall call my primary Doctor soon and ask to see her over this matter, and hope she can help me, without putting me on insulin, I shall see. I am worried it will get me before I can get help at the Veteran’s Hospital that is my primary for Health Care. I shall try to get in soon.

Diabetes, is deadly and can kill I have been warned many times. What’s next after Metformin and famotidine, is there stronger drugs to control it, other than insulin injections?

I hope to find out and get help soon,any advice from others with diabetes or Doctors would be helpful! Thank you!

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