It helps, even if you don’t realize it.

Time only goes in one direction, forward, as we all know. There are many facts you can not change in life.

The first is we all age, yes every second we are on the planet we are aging, and the older we get the less we have left for abilities, so while your young enough enjoy it all. Do what you love most, while you can, for there will come a time if you live long enough where you will go can’t do that anymore, too old, too slow etc.

As time goes on, and we do grow older we lose family and friends and again there is nothing we can do to prevent that either. Death does not always announce when it is coming, nor does it go by a schedule of any kind mankind can figure out. It never has and never will, life is indeed too short folks, so enjoy now while you can.

Another lesson some never seem to learn in life is alienating others is not a good idea. Don’t ignore or push away people, unless you have a real good reason, or you really do love being a loner. People Need people to socialize and survive, never forget the old saying, No Man or Woman is an island unto themself.

That said and told, the next thing to remember is never forget your past experiences, learn from them as you go and try to avoid making the same damn mistakes. Looking back as you go, can help you as you move ahead. remember your mistakes, learn from them, and don’t repeat them.

We can’t change the fate of others in our lives, nor are we meant to. Each human being has their own course to run, their own decisions to make, and their own ways of doing things. Don’t force anything on anyone, unless, you want it done to you, too.

Lessons are learned in many ways. Sometimes we learn by doing and avoiding, sometimes we learn by watching others and seeing what they do wrong. Always remember, what you seen and learn from it also.

Learning is a process we all go through in life each and everyday and second we are awake and alive. It’s vital to survival and it’s impossible to miss. So, always pay attention and be as alert as you can. For sudden things can come at you and you have to be ready.

Now, as a child I remember, dreams too. Dreams can be helpful if you can remember them, when you wake up. I used to dream of things one night and wake up the next day and the dreams would help me avoid things I saw coming in them. I know, many will say I am crazy, but it is true, my dreams were like forewarnings of the next days coming at me. I would recognize it from my dreams and avoid it that day, it works.

Even in the most desperate times in my life, the lessons I learned early on applied. So no matter what you do, look back at the past, apply that to the present and watch it help you form your present and future. It helps, even if you don’t realize it.

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