We must move on from Trump in 2020 or we will lose our country.

OK, The Mueller report is in and Mueller said he could not prove any collusion with Russia by the Trump Campaign. There is a reason he couldn’t prove collusion, it’s simple, 37 Russians whom he indicted, he couldn’t get to talk to. The six Trump associates who were indicted, were indicted for different reasons for sure.

At no point did Mueller clear Trump of Obstruction of Justice charges and he left 14 prime examples of it listed. Here is my prime question folks, why would a sitting American President bother to yell no collusion, no obstruction if there was none, why bother?

An old saying goes, a squeaky wheel makes noise because it needs oiling, well Trump squeaked and squawked for over two years about No Collusion, my question is why?

Why did Mueller feel fit to push forward 14 examples of Obstruction of Justice towards Congress? If there was no collusion, then why Obstruct Justice? Someone explain that one to me!

I know, I know all the Trump supporters are so happy they couldn’t prove collusion, they are screaming from the rooftops and in every newspaper they can. Yet the truth is just what I am saying, if there was no collusion, then why so many instances of Obstructing Justice? One doesn’t work overtime yelling no collusion and commit Obstruction of Justice 14 times, if there is nothing to hide, do they?

I won’t go further with that obvious observation of the facts from the Mueller Report, for in the end Congress will dig further I am sure. What the results will be, I have no idea anymore, but I do know, Americans should think twice before re-electing Trump in 2020.

It will be up to all Americans in 2020, to open their eyes as to what Trump is and has done! If he gets re-elected again, you can bet your ass America will go down the tubes, we are already headed there now.

I was sitting in a waiting room at a Hospital the other day, waiting on my wife, who was having scans done for her breast cancer that has spread to her bone. discussing Trump with another person. As we discussed what we thought of Trump and the coming Mueller report another man joined the conversation. Like a third voice from the far right he told us we were wrong about Trump, Trump wasn’t guilty, I said fine he isn’t guilty of collusion or obstruction, he is guilty of destroying America, Obama Care and lots more. This man, started saying how great Trump was for the economy, I laughed at him, the truth is he inherited it from Obama and just expanded it off of Obama’s Presidency.

When I said that, I also asked him to tell me one thing Trump has accomplished while in office, just one good thing please. he went right back to the great economy, I told him again that isn’t Trump’s economy, it’s Obama’s, name anything else. His reply told me the truth about Trump supporters, he replied well then we can’t discuss this any further, I was labeled a Trump hater by him and he shut up. Sad indeed. When a President’s only claim to accomplishing something in over two years in office is the economy his predecessor left behind it’s sad. Trump has no accomplishments period as President.

So, Mueller Report aside, lets not even think Impeachment folks, let’s work to oust Trump in November 2020 with anyone we can. Lets get this racist, bigoted, narcist, out of office by beating him outright in November of 2020. We can’t get the 37 russians to testify and Russia will never admit to interfering in the 2016 election, but it is now proven they did.

Hillary beat Trump in 2016 folks, there is no doubt, just look at the popular vote from that election. He stole the election working in concert with Russia, he can’t do it twice, everyone and every agency will be watching this time.

I am with Elizabeth Warren, Kamala Harris, Amy Klochubar, and others, lets eliminate the Electoral College and let the popular vote decide our President. We must move on from Trump in 2020 or we will lose our country.

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