If America votes Trump in 2020, we would have to be blind, stupid, foolish and idiots!

The political mess in Washington, DC in the WHite House has now been exposed to the bright lights of Investigations and television news. The Mueller Report, have been produced, although redacted for the general public, even some has been redacted for Congress, whose job is Oversight of the Executive Branch and President. The Legal battles have begun now, subpoenas flying for the unredacted report, candidates yelling Impeach, and others recommending don’t impeach, his time is too short left in office. At this point, Congress has a job to do, whether they Impeach or not, they must gather all the information and investigate on their own, for Mueller exposed enough.

From my view, 2020 is next, before even a damn decision will be made in Congress, plus once they decide what to do, the Republican Senate would block any attempt to Impeach trump, they are too scared to Impeach a second Republican President. So it wil lnot happen, this time around.

The ineptness of Donald John Trump is highly visible now to all in America and the world. His inability to accomplish anything worth while is highly apparent now. He spews a lot of BS and assine ideas but not one of them wil be finished or completed before he leaves office in 2021.

The embarrassment that Donald John Trump is will stain America’s reputation in the world for many decades to come.His vindictive, selfish, narcissistic, mentally ill mind and personality has destroyed too much as it is right now and he wants to destroy a lot more.

Sadly, he murdered OBama Care or the ACA if you prefer that name, why, because it was created by Barack Obama and he hates Obama, not because of political differences but because Obama publically humiliated him. If it does not say Trump on it, it will be removed or killed is what he is up to. Just look at him standing at the southern border pointing at a fence they repaired and he claimed he built, he then has a plaque hung on it to commemorate it as the Trump Fence or Wall. It’s not his and it’s a lie like all he says or does.

He claims he created the economy and so does his followers, he didn’t create it, he is destroying it actually. His tariffs are destroying any cooperation we had with other countries, like Canada and Mexico, even Germany France and England are angry over them. He doesn’t care who he hurts as long as he gets his way. It’s not a Trump economy that has kept America going so far it is an Obama Economy.

He now wants to cut Social Security and medicare and Medicaid too. We wil be left with no safety net for our seniors folks, the new generation will go broke paying for their parents and grandparents health, plus burial costs. The next generation better look fast, because what will you do when mommy or daddy is still alive, need medical help and you need help keeping them alive and they have zero income to live on? I’ll tell ya what ya will do, you will be strapped with it all and buried in bills. You won’t have a savings to live on and retire on for yourself or to pass down to your own children, or grandchildren!

I have lived now 63 years, I was born during Eisenhower’s term, lived thru Kennedy to Trump now and never have I ever seen such a worthless, incompetent, foolish, narcissistic, vindictive, President. Yet his supporter sor backers still back him, it’s like they are blind and can’t see the truth. Sadly, they may not wake up in time to save themselves, or america. If Trump gets re-elected folks, you may as well bend over and kiss your asses goodbye!

He has never been and never will be a self made billionaire! His daddy gave him 16 million at 4 years old. He never served in the Military because his daddy kept him out of the service by paying a Doctor to get him a 4f rating for bone spurs he never had. He’s a phoney, a con man and he’s dangerous to America and the World. Zero is his accomplishments period. Name one, and don’t come back with the Economy it’s not his!.

I had that discussion one day sitting in a waiting room at a hospital recently. We were discussing Trump, and The Mueller Report and all that has occurred since it started. A Third man jumped in and started supporting Trump. The first place he went was the great economy, I asked him if it is so great why is GM shutting Plants, Ford laying off workers,Sears, JC Penny, K-mart and other stores going bye bye like Payless shoes? He said well blame the internet for them, and of course he wanted to blame Amazon, it’s crap.I told him so and then I asked him to name one other accomplishment Trump has while in office as President, besides the Economy that belongs to Obama?

He went quiet for a few minutes and when he spoke again, he could only come back with the economy and he claimed Trump has brought jobs back to America, I asked him where and show me. He couldn’t, because there is none. In the end he looked at me and called me a Trump Hater, and I laughed at him and told him, I don’t hate Trump, I hate that he is destroying America from inside. His reply came next, if you can’t give Trump credit for the economy then your a Trump hater and we can’t discuss him anymore. I laughed. It’s the same with all Trump supporters, you ask what’s so great, and they say the Economy, it’s not Trumps, he hasn’t done a damn thing otherwise.

If America votes Trump in 2020, we would have to be blind, stupid, foolish and idiots, wake up, he is a worthless President and dangerous!

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