Church, Bible, Religion!

Let’s talk a subject at one time near and dear to me, Religion. As I said once near and dear to me, but, it changed at around 12 years old for me. I don’t knock anyone who believes in God, or a Supreme Being that put us all here, so don’t misunderstand me here.

I have a large problem with the Catholic Religion, they are hypocrites and liars in too many ways. On top of it, the Roman Catholic Priests I know of are phonies and many are arrested as perverts who go after children, they attract by way of the position known as Alter Boys and more.

I have seen since I was twelves years old too many priests removed or defrocked for perversions and for going after little boys and girls. Seems since I saw the first one in the newspapers at twelve years old, there have so many, it is a shame and should be an embarrassment and a humiliation for the Catholic Church, The Pope and The Vatican also. The only thing the Catholic Church has done correctly in my lifetime is switching their masses to english in America, so we english speaking people could understand it all. Sadly they have done nothing else, except allow and hide the perverts in their midst to hide well by moving them from one parish to another constantly.

Look I went to Sunday School, I even made catechism and communion and more in the Catholic Church I even have pictures of me in the robes back then. The first thing that turned me off of the Catholic Church was the perverism in it and it’s Priests. The second I could never understand is why females were never allowed to be Priest, that has never changed even to today in 2019 and it won’t, I believe.

Then I have the problem with three different version of the Catholic Bible out there at one time, unify them will you. Even if you do, it doesn’t matter to me, for I don’t believe in the bible anymore and haven’t for many years. It didn’t take me long to figure out how the bible or bibles, now out there came to be, did you, as of yet?

It was written over hundreds of years, by different people and then compiled into a book by editors working for the Catholic Church and The Vatican too. Each Verse is a miniature chapter and story told by catholic religious zealots and then edited and compiled into a bible they sell daily in the churches they built and own, using their parishioners money. They collect every Sunday or Saturday, passing the baskets through the pews as people obediently drop envelopes into it. It feeds the coffers of the Vatican, it feeds the Pope and provides for his protection and the Protection of Vatican City, not you or me. I know I will be called many names for writing this and I care not for I have already been called everything anyone can call me in my 63 years of life, The truth is The Catholic Religion and all of its offsprings, have nothing they could offer to me and haven’t for most of my life. While I respect those who believe and conform and practice the religion, because I was once forced to myself, I can not believe in the religion or religion of any form myself.

I watched my mother who attended church for over thirty years of her life, die from cancer in 1991, no Catholic Church offered a sermon in her name, no church came to her burial and blessed her body or grave, they don’t do it. They ignore people who were parishioners, and then go, why don’t you attend church anymore? Very sad indeed to me.

I know today is Easter and I understand what Good Friday is, what lent is, what Easter is supposed to be all about. I understand how Jesus was sacrificed and rose on the third day like many others do, according to the religions stories. But never has anyone proven it to be true and nor will they ever. I know all the religious stories and tales, and fables, sadly I just don’t buy into them and don’t think I ever will. Why, simple, I read the bible, I studied it and I went to church for twelve years, and only one thing meant anything to me through it all, a phrase quoted over thousands of years, ” God Hears all, He Sees All, He Knows All!” If that is the truth and no church, Priest or Pope will tell you it doesn’t, then there is no need for a structure called a church is there? For he sees all, knows all and hears all, that means it doesn’t matter where you pray or worship, you can do it in your bed at night, in a car driving down a street or anywhere on the planet like many sailors have all their careers and lives at sea.

Religion to me is a profit making organization located in Vatican City, and it’s leader is a man they Crown Pope and who sets the regulations and rules for all who follow them. That’s it!

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