Fight Back Democrats, Fight Back Americans, Impeach Trump!

One question is flying in air constantly right now in Washington, DC to Impeach or Not to Impeach?

While I believe, as Elizabeth Warren, said last night the Constitution does not allow for what ifs. or leave it be for the next election, it does not provide for a political decision that has to be made in one way or another.

If the Democrats try to Impeach Trump, they may bring Articles of Impeachment in the House and fly them through to the Senate, the Senate is all Republican and unless the Democrats can convince the Senators, it will still be a no go for Impeachment.

Look we all know as Trump’s own lawyer admitted on television recently he accepted help from the Russians to win the election, and with that said, it alone should be enough to throw doubt and despair and anger over the Trump Administration. But it is not the only thing to be looked at here, Robert Mueller did not clear Trump of anything really, he just stated he couldn’t find evidence of Collusion, he didn’t say it did not happen, because we know it did.

Obstruction Of Justice happend and of that there is no doubt. At least 14 times as listed in The Mueller Report it happened. So why Obstruct 14 times, and go so far, if you have no collusion to hide. One is connected to the other folks, you can believe me here.

The question that remains is this, how far will the democrats go, and how far must they go under the laws and the constitutional areas. What amount of political energy and good will , can the democrats use or be willing to use, and if they do go for Impeachment, how will it affect the 2020 Presidential Election?

The way I see it, the democrats can answer the constitutional requirements for Impeachment and still win in 2020. The way to do it is take your time and get it right period. Time is a restraint right now for Impeachment, takes time and Trump’s Presidency has gone past the halfway point. Is one year and 8 months enough time to Impeach a sitting President, can it be compiled in time and will it be worth the effort?

We all know Trump went beyond anything NIxon did, for he got tied up with and into Russian influence! Nixon would never have thought of it, never mind do it! Nixon had a lot more going for him then Trump could ever have. When you bring an enemy into the country and use them to gain the Presidency, it is time for a hard look and to find a way to stop it from happening ever again. If it is not done, the Russians and other nations will just come in and do it again and again and again. What’s to stop it, nothing unless we as a nation stand up and Impeach Trump and block the cyber attacks and ensure free elections, our rights as citizens go south and so does our country, which is a Republic and Democracy in one and the only working one in the world. We must stand up in the world and we must save our Constitution and Republic and we must call out these attacks and make them cease or we go under. we must regain our place as a leader in the world in all areas to do so, means Trump must be Impeached and removed. The Country needs it, and the Democrats will have to do it, under our laws. To not do it in my mind will make the Democrats as complicit as Trump in this whole mess. If that happens we will have no one to trust, no one to follow and no one who will fight back, Fight Back Democrats, Fight Back Americans, Impeach Trump!

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