We can not afford four more years of Trump!

Former Vice President Joe Biden entered the 2020 Presidential Race this am. While Joe Biden has been looked at as a politician and a father figure in a decent light, he still has issues with his past and with the recent discussion of his hands on politics style.

Can Joe Biden beat Trump, well he may have one of the best chances to, but Trump does not play fair and you can expect Trump to be little, put down and attack Biden in anyway he can. Biden does have a problem with keeping his hands to himself, especially when it comes to women, as testified to by a few recently. He has said he is changing it and we shall see, but will the women of America forgive his mistakes in the past, or will they be like my wife, who says, it matters not what he says, it matters what he does, and she doesn’t really trust Joe Biden to change his old fashioned way of stumping and touching people. Does anyone expect an old time politician to be able to change his ways, I doubt it, but, one thing I can say, even a dog treats the opposite sex better than Donald Trump.

Biden will have his style problem and he will probably misspeak and stutter at time, but even on his worse days, Biden is a better man than Donald Trump, ethically and morally as well as a person. My belief though is Joe Biden can’t win the Nomination or The General Election, he will be compared as the second coming of Obama first off, ten add the issue he has with his hands on politicking and whan major problems arise for the women of America.

I think that America is at a tipping point regarding Donald Trump and that all the democrats are correct, we can not allow Trump a Second Term. I think Trump is a danger to the Country, it’s democracy and Republic and a danger to himself and not stable enough to get things done. He lies on average 24 times a day to the American People, he believes the Mueller report exonerates him and it sure as hell does not, if you read it. Trump’s corrupt and evil ways must be stopped before, he tries to burn the constitution and the Bill of Rights all at once. The man is unstable speech to speech, moment to moment, day by day. He is still fighting Hillary Clinton, who has been removed from the political stage since she lost the 2016 election to him. Why?

He is like a vindictive, little child Trump and that is not good for the country at all.He is narcissistic, vindictive, adolescent in his views and stupid enough not to listen to his own advisors too. It’s a fact, the Republican Party is going to have to face shortly, for even they must know, Trump can’t be handed the nomination again, it will destroy the Republican Party, and the Nation. They can’t win with Trump as their candidate in 2020, he has too many issues hanging over his head and they would be stupid or blind to let him run again.

That said, back to the 2020 Election once more I see, the democrats having a chance with certain candidates. The first in my mind is Kamala Harris out of California, the Senator shows promise and stature and is respected. I have watched her town hall segments on CNN and heron air comments on issues too. She is always on the morally and ethically, right side for all. I like her for more than that though, I think she has the guts and moxie to take on Trump, face him down and tear him down if he attacks her.

Maybe we may see, a Harris, Waren Ticket, which would be great for America period, because both Senators have a grasp of what is happening in the world. But the problem is, it is still a male dominated world in America and the men will more than likely not allow a woman President yet. They should though, because a woman President’s time has come in my opinion. If a woman can juggle running a home, keeping a husband, and raising her kids with a career, then she sure as hell can run America!

But Knowing America the way I do, I would expect a maybe a Biden/ Warren ticket or a Biden/ Harris ticket, or even a Kamala Harris/ Pete Buttigieg Ticket. Many may back Biden, and Warren or Harris can help him with women. The Harris/ Buttigieg ticket would be a great ticket, because you include all people that way. The LGBT Community, the women and the men too.Harris has the knowledge and Buttigieg has the personality and abilities as a leader of a city. Just my thoughts at this time, I like Harris for President and I like Warren also. Warren has moxie and brains in my mind and her answers to questions make great sense.

Yet we now see an Elder of the Democratic Party Joe Biden stepping in and hoping to make a strong run for the office, will he get there, I think not. We shall see, I think personally it is time for a Woman to take over.

Sanders is progressive and has some great ideas, but his age will be a factor as will Biden’s, sadly the choice may not be either of them. Each has their own problems and even through they can raise money and funding, no matter how much they get, I doubt they can win.

As the days and weeks go by, and we get closer to the 2020 Election Cycle, I hope this is it for democratic candidates, for 20 is too many as it is. Any Additions wouldn’t make sense and as it is the 20 wil have to be whittled down pretty quickly to figure out who will get the Nomination. 20 Candidates trying to distinguish themselves from one another on one side will confuse Americans and distract from a clean, strong race! The list will have to be brought down quickly and fall behind the one Candidate who will get the nomination and the Democrats can’t be playing games about it either, the Republicans and Trump will try to make an issue of it quickly. So the Democrats whop have absolutely no chance should back out quickly and throw their support to the nominee as quickly and strongly as possible, to help take down Trump. We can not afford four more years of Trump!

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