Is The President of the United States above the law?

I am quickly tiring of this political bullshit, if your going to IMpeach Trump do it, if your not fine, but you better remember he is destroying the American Leadership Position in the World, he is slowly deteriorating the American Economy and he has killed Health care for all Seniors and Americans in General and never replaced a damn thing he has destroyed.

This political game of challenge Trump and then run and back off by the Democrats, is silly, stupid and non effective. His status as the Republican candidate for President in 2020 will not change unless he is under criminal charges or Impeachment Articles and it is clear he is guilty.. I admire William Weld for challenging him for the Nomination for 2020 and I hope more will join the race. The Republicans are gonna need other candidates in the 2020 election for sure. Trump has more baggage now than any president in history attached to him.

The Russia Connection is well known now and examined in many ways , by many Investigations now and it is only going to get worse as time goes on. The Southern District of New York now has it teeth into Trump’s businesses, his finances and more and they will not stop digging no matter what Trump tries to do to stop them!

The Russia connection, now his refusals of all the supenoas will bury Trump, but his play isn’t winning against the Investigations, it’s to prolong everything until the time limits on his crimes run out and he can get reelected. If he gets re-elected he escapes his crimes, never facing a charge period, protected by the Presidency, is that what Americans want? I don’t know, but unless some charges are proven or made to stick he is going to escape it all and laugh at all Americans. It will be embarrassing and humiliating if he gets re-elected folks, his crimes and lack of professionalism and his attitude is sad and reflecting back on all Americans.

Can we afford to let a President run amok folks? He is doing so, not taking subpoenas, not allowing people to testify, denying access to his taxes and more. Do Americans really expect Congress to sit back and allow him to continue this?

Let me ask one question, no matter who is running for President in 2020, shouldn’t there be limits on what a President can do or say in office and their actions? I think there should be or we are headed right to a communist country or dictatorship! Are we really going to allow America became a atilite communist nation to russia or a Dictatorship or a Kingdom? We are now on the verge of it folks, unless Trump is stopped and the process is reversed.

We are a country made up of immigrants, one based on freedom of religion, and the right to free speech and more, do we want to allow one President to do as he pleases and break the laws and lie daily to us all?

let me close with this for all to think about. Is Trump above the law and does the law s of the country just apply to you or me and not him, because he is President? Tell me America, Is The President of the United States above the law? Nixon wasn’t. Clinton wasn’t, is Trump any different? I think not, he must be brought into focus and control and made to obey the rules too!

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