Don’t Vote Trump in 2020, if you do, you may as well, surrender!

Swing-state voter: I’ll probably vote for Trump again, I saw this headline today, it disturbed me beyond measure! Are you really that stupid?

This is to all of those swing state voters in the mid-west or america or central america, wake the hell up!

Trump is destroying the American Dream and the country in less then three years already, and you want to give him four more years, are you drunk or high? People who blindly follow others, need to wake up and stop following them blindly, for they will walk you into the abyss! That is exactly what Trump is doing to all of America leading just down a drowning path to the abyss and we’ll drown in the morass he has created! How blind can you be to say something so idiotic, that you will vote for a man who sold us out to Russia in the 2016 election. As we fall as a prey for Russia and Putin, Trump is trying to get reelected to escape the crimes he has continually committed during his less than 3 years in office. He knows the only way to escape prosecution, is to get re-elected, the time limits will expire while he is in office if he pulls it off, don’t let him do it!

As the farmer in our midwest, stockpile food and grains, they usually sell, and they find themselves going out of the farming business, it’s all from Trump and his tariffs. Yet, this midwest swing state voter still wants to vote Trump a new term, why? Please tell me why, anyone would vote for a lying corrupt, colluding, obstructing President, who is destroying America from the inside, at the direction of Russia and Putin?

As the Mueller Report shows without a doubt there are at least 14 acts of Obstruction of Justice by Trump on the record and more happening daily. Why Obstruct Justice, try to fire Mueller and trash his report if you did not collude with Russia? Logic tells you he did, and they just didn’t find the direct connection as of yet. You want his connection for passing messages to Russia and Putin, simple it’s the media itself, even if they are doing so unwittingly. Prime example his asking Russia to find Hillary’s 30,ooo emails, right on public television, the Russians were watching folks, why do you think they broke into the DNC’s servers exactly 5 hours after he asked them to find them? There is the collusion right there, in and of itself. Now some will say that is not proof enough in and of itself, I say bullshit, it sure is. They then went on the Russians to buy millions upon millions of dollars of ads on the internet and on television to support and back Trump. So please don’t tell me, Trump is not guilty of collusion, because he is.

I am tired of hearing how Trump is making the economy so great, it’s not so folks, this is not Trump’s Economy, it belongs to Obama, who crated it and passed it on to Trump, just as he did Health Care too, but Trump is like a child, who is angry and vindictive and because Obama, embarrassed and humiliated Trump At a dinner before the 2016 Election, Trump is wiping out anything with Obama’s name on it in retaliation. It’s all part of his narcissistic personality disorder he has! What’s sad is people still follow him and want to reelect him, why? I will never understand it folks.

I sat in a hospital waiting for my wife, who is a breast cancer patient, whose cancer has now advanced to stage 4 and into her bones. As i did I was conversing with another man about Trump when a Trump supporter jumped in the conversation. He defended Trump by saying he is crating jobs and increasing the economy! I looked at him and told him, it’s not Trump’s economy, it is Obama’s, and Trump can’t claim it. He looked at me and said, well if you don’t believe it is Trump’s economy we can’t discuss it anymore! I told him Trump promised jobs none have come back from overseas, so that’s a lie too. In the end I told him, go ahead name something Trump has accomplished and made right since he has been in office, besides the economy, which he doesn’t really own anyway? He couldn’t name a damn thing, so he looked at me and said I can’t talk to you about Trump your a Trump hater, no I am not a Trump hater, I hate the fact he lies to the people about everything he does and accomplishes nothing, zip, zero, period. trump is a born loser and he is losing America to Russia and Putin.

In the end no one can name anything Trump has crated, passed as a law, or Bill that amounts to a damn thing. He is a failure as a man, as a husband, as a father even, he put his own children at stake to win the Presidency, and he hid behind them to get there. Wake up folks, if you give Trump four more years as President he escapes prosecution for the crimes he committed in office of the Presidency. That’s all he wants a second term for, is to make sure he never faces charges for all he has done. Period.

Don’t Vote Trump in 2020, if you do, you may as well, surrender!

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