500 miles !

500 Miles
By, WIlliam M. McCurrach
April 28th, 2019

I know your my child,
I know your smile,
And I know it’s been,
A long, long while!

T0 know the distance to you, is only 500 miles,
But to me, it’s a million or more away!

I didn’t ask for what did happen, I even tried to make it stop.
But, happen yes it did, and my heart did drop and almost stop.

But I am 500 miles away you see,
Yet you’ll always be a part of me,
And the pain I feel will never,
Disappear, dont, you see!

I know your my daughter, and I know who you be,
I watch from afar, as your actions and tones,
Replicate me!

Your smile is my smile,
Your style is my style,
When we talk and walk side by side, the say similarities,
We can’t hide!

You have my wit and my anger,
You have my fire and my heart,
You don’t realize,
You have my greatest parts.

Yet it’s 500 miles, yes 500 miles,
And your that far away,
Yet the divorce and losing you,
Seems like yesterday!

I didn’t ask for it to happen,
I didn’t find it happy, or fattening,
I did find it a pain, and a royal shame, even if I wasn’t the one to blame.

Yes so now, the two of you are there,
I am 500 miles away over here,
I read of your pain and cares, and I am smiling, my dears.

I wish I could have read you stories,
I wish I could have listened to your worries,
I wish I could have helped you achieve your dreams.

I can’t reach across time or space,
Nor can I travel 500 miles anymore
But I can tell you this,
I love you forever more!

500 miles is a distance and the travel kills me so,
I suffer from my age and yes I am now growing old,
I watch from afar, as each of you, burn so bright,
I love the fact you do and fight for what is right!

But time has taken you from me and there is no way you see,
I can be forgiven for being gone,
As your life went on!

But 500 miles I have driven many times,
To see you smile, in my mind and heart,
Even though you may feel, we are still too far apart,
I see your tears and hear your fears.
I know your fights, and know your rights,
I also so know, I will love you, forever more.

I am your father, I made you, You see,
And each of you,do have a part of me
One has my brain and heart,
One has my soul and is so smart,
One fills with anger like me and the other,
Is a peacekeeper, she likes to try to be,
Which is really, really like me.

I didn’t akl for what I got,
I didn’t ask for a divorce,
I didn’t ask for us to be seperated,
By the force of the courts.

I didn’t tell your mom to do, what she did, don’t ou see,
so now a days, your both,
500 miles from me.

500 miles I can not travel, 500 miles I can not do,
But I am your father,
This you know is true.

I begged to get back into your lives after all the years that went by,
Now all I can do, is sit here and cry!

500 miles, 500 miles, 500 miles, yes 500 miles,
It would take a drive for me 500 miles to see your smiles.

You have children of your own and families you area part now,
Your doing all you can, for them and I know it and smile in my heart.

I watch from afar, as your children grow for you,
The y age, they change and they struggle through.

And I can do no more, then to watch and tell you this,
I love you both for now and forever more,
And both of you I adore.

We may not always agree,
But one thing is always there,
The love I have for you,
And all my care, too.

500 miles, 500 miles 500 miles, 500 miles,
I would give my life to be able, to travel 500 miles.

500 miles, 500 miles 500 miles, is all it is,
but it hurts so bad,
When you lose your kids.

Especially when it’s not your fault,
You see,
I didn’t ask for the divorce,Or what happened to you and me!

Oh 500 miles, 500 miles,
Oh how I miss your smiles,
500 miles, away is where you are now?
500 miles !

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