It is time to wake up, Americans!

I tire of many things in life and in american society at times too. First we have to deal with the government we have, I wouldn’t change the type ever, but the leadership changes, and when it does it tends to mess up what the prior one had accomplished, just out of vindictiveness. So, like we are now, stuck with an asshole in the White House, there isn’t much we as citizens can do, but wait for the next election.

Trump has destroyed what once was a proud united country, into a divided country, over policies, races,immigration and at the direction of a opposing nation, russia. Sadly, he is putin’s puppet and no one wants to stop him it seems. Lindsey Graham used to be a Senator with brain and balls, now he is a Trump puppet with no balls left to him. He just wants to sit there and ok everything Trump does and make excuses for it all, and he has no energy to fight Trump now, all he does is drink and golf with him. He needs to be voted out of office actually as a Senator he is failing the country and his home state by kissing Trump’s ass daily.

I am waiting though, because the Democrats are far from done investigating Trump and his empire so to say, or russia’s involvement in the 2016 election. Sadly, Americans are blind to Trump’s ways, his involvement with russia to win the Presidency or the way he is dealing with Russia, which is basically give Putin what he wants and let him do his thing.

Trump failed in North Korea, he failed in Afghanistan, and Iraq and Iran also, He has no skills to deal with these countries or any abilities that are good for doing so. He talks shit and tries to use scare tactic son them, but backs it all up with absolutely nothing. He is a loser Donald John Trump and of that I am positive.

Sadly America has now accepted Trump and his ways and they have no energy or way to stop him, so they let him do his daily lying, his daily, do nothing attitude and his lack of accomplishments shine brightly for all to see. He fails at everything he does or touches and Americans still will support this lying bastard, why I do not know.

Trump lied about how he made his fortune, he was given 16 million at four years old by his daddy. He lied about why he didn’t serve his country, he has no bone spurs in his feet period, his daddy paid the doctor to keep him out of the service. Trump is a coward and chicken, in all ways. He wouldn’t know what to do in a war, or in the field, to survive or get by.

He lies so much, every other word out of his mouth is a lie. He has no leadership abilities at all and his idea of leading is firing those who wont kiss his ass. He thinks he is running Trump enterprizes, not a country. Sad.

The New York Southern District will prosecute Trump if they can as they continue their investigations into his dealings.

I will tell all this now, Trump is not running for reelection to accomplish anything, he has no plans for anything concrete, what he is planning on, is being re-elected to beat the time limits on all the crimes he has committed. he knows that once the time limits expire on his crimes, he will be safe, and a new term will let them all run out and he is protected by the laws, which say a sitting President can’t be prosecuted in office. The law needs changed!

Let me say this now, Loud and Clear for all to hear, Trump is a bigger criminal then Richard Nixon was. He has done crimes Nixon would never have dreamed of doing and conspiring with Russia is the biggest of all. Nixon was Impeached for Watergate and Lying, and that is far less than all the shit Trump has done. Nixon at least had accomplishments and brains, Trump has zero.

In the end America has to make a decision, do you let an American President ignore the laws, and lie to the American People daily? Do you allow a man who conspired with Russia to get the Presidency to stay in it and use the Presidency to avoid charges of criminal activities or do you vote him out and let him get charged and put away! The real thing to consider is this folks, are you about to become an accomplice to Trump’s crime and help him avoid justice? Are you going to allow an American President to get get away with Conspiracy, Collusion, Obstruction of Justice and more?

I want to remind the American People you control this country, not Trump, not the Republicans and not the Democrats, we the American People. If we don’t correct the problems at the ballot boxes, we are ten allowing the destruction of of America at Trump’s hands!

Will we allow him to continue to destroy our republic and democracy or will the American People wake up and change it all in 2020? It is time to wake up, Americans!

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