Avenger’s EndGame!

When I was young in the 1960’s as a kid I found Marvel and DC comics as a place to escape to a world to get me away from pain, and to get my imagination going. I fell in love with comic books, due to the story lines and the characters in them. I would look forward to the adventures of DC’s Batman, Superman and Green Lantern, then I found Marvel Comics and Captain America, Thor, Iron Man and Spiderman and more, including the X-Men.

It gave me a place to escape all the pain of my home life and family violence and the feelings of my being unwanted at home. I have followed Marvel Comic Book Superheros, since way back when, because they were more human and believable then DC’s. Their humanity came through the story lines, and their pain they suffered you saw on the pages of their comic books. It made a kid go, well if they can do it so can I , yes I can overcome these same things and pain too. It drove me on to life, because I was really an outcast and loner as a youth, I didn’t really reach out and touch other friends or find them until I was a teenager.

Years later now, it was the Marvel Studios and Stan Lee, who worked overtime to bring the Marvel characters and story lines to the big screen. We got introduced to the movie versions of Marvels, X-Men, and The Avengers and Spiderman and others now, such as Venom and the latest Captain Marvel the female Superhero. Each superhero has their own backstory and character flaws, including the God Of Thunder Thor. It is unique, it is fantasy and sci-fi rolled into one, and it makes the human imagination run, and hope for better things for them all. Marvel Comics, Stan Lee, Jack Kirby,and the whole cast of artists and writers, waited to get on the big screen, until they could find people to do their characters justice and they did it right, sticking to their guns so to say, to make the characters like they created them in the comic books.

I have always been a Marvel fan and always will be, no matter what they do to the characters in the movies, for i know ultimately they will bring them back for more later. Marvel is now associated with Disney Studios and Disney has always been the premiere animation and graphic movie company in the business. They have talent and skills no one else does to make these movies and characters come alive. It was and is a marriage between two entries that were meant to be, at least in my mind.

I have seen all of the Marvel films that I can afford to and want to so far the latest has been the Avengers films, Infinity War and now EndGame. I am never disappointed by the story lines or the results, I am not always happy about everything in the movies, but the twists and turns are great and the plots right out of comic book legends.

The Avengers, in all forms have always been Marvel’s greatest group combined and put together in so many ways over the years. I will say this about The Avengers, the heart breaks, the tears, the joys and the fears of each character is brought to the screen in the movies. As I said I saw Avengers EndGame the latest, and I won’t give spoilers, but I wil say this for a movie that goes three hours and 2 minutes long, when you sit through it you are fully entertained and it passed more like an hour than three. So, I recommend the movie to all, for fun, adventure and pure thrilling entertainment, go see Avenger’s EndGame ! It’s worth more than the price of the actual movie, for you wil be talking about it for a long time!

My Review of Avengers EndGame, is this for adventure, imagination, graphic skills, story line and outright entertainment I give it a A, it a fun flick!

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