We must pull it together now, or crumble! 20 Steps!

At sometime, America and its people, must face some facts!

  1. A Presidency last 4 to 8 years depending on re-election at the four year point. Trump must be stopped at the four year mark!
  2. The Attorney General William Barr is not America’s Attorney, he’ Trump’s puppet and pet to protect Trump!
  3. As of today Barr is digging himself in deeper than he will ever be able to recover from, his defense of everything Trump does, has destroyed any reputation William Barr had.
  4. His avoidance of the House Committee, is major. No Attorney General should be able to side step, avoid or deny a calling by any part of congress. What does he fear from the House?
  5. While prolonging the process may get Trump to the end of his first term, Americans must stop him from getting a second term. if we don’t we’ll be moved closer to Communism than ever before in American History.
  6. Americans have no HealthCare coverage and we won’t get any under Trump.
  7. Social Security and Medicare and Medicaid are under the threat of Trump, he wants to dismantle and destroy all three.
  8. He has given the Republicans full control of the lower courts by his appointments and he has moved the Supreme Court to the republican side for all future decisions already.
  9. Trump’s Tariffs are destroying relationships with countries that were our allies and friends, such as Canada and Mexico and many European nations. Trade can not be one way, even for us, it has to be equal for both involved.
  10. We are currently being killed in America, by the foolish gun laws we have. Military Type Weapons must be removed from the streets of America, they must be banned and that includes Bmp Stocks.
  11. Religious Freedom is still what America is based on, the physical violence and hate speech against Jews and people of color must cease. All are created equal period in america, I tired of people saying we aren’t and trying to control. White Supremency must end and Nazi’s in America must be wiped out.
  12. We can’t put people into positions of power, who suddenly switch sides, or have things in their past that can be used to blackmail them. take a good look at those who hated Trump when he began and are now supporting him, why did they switch so fast?
  13. We can’t allow interference in our Election Processes, by any one not American, if necessary we must go back to written ballots and hand counting to ensure no interference at all and voting must be guarded with security guards, to protect freedom.
  14. I remind all in America of one important thing, The Congress, both the Senate and House of Representative on up to the President are voted into office by the people, for the people and they are there to work for you and me, not themselves.
  15. In the end let me say this so all can understand clearly, all of the above and the fact it is not being done correctly, threatens all America is built upon. America is built on certain things, one is religious freedom, freedom of speech is second and many will say the right to bear arms is the third. With the Third they would be wrong, The right To Bear arms was added to fight for our freedom period from the British in out Revolutionary war. It was written into to law for the use and building of militia’s, not for everyday use of weapons on America’s streets.
  16. The NRA needs controlled and regulated in America, and we need it done now. We must have the gun shows shut down, sales of guns must be limited to weapons for hunting only in rural areas. MIlitary weapons must be banned too many people, especially children are dying from this.
  17. As we go further into the 2020 Election Cycle for President, the field must be slimmed down quickly, not go on longer as is. Too many Democrats are in this field and it will divide the vote before it, brings it together. A Candidate for President on the Democrat side must be brought forward quicker and all democrats must back whoever it is. You can not defeat Trump in 2020 unless you are fully united.
  18. Does America have wishes it needs fulfilled by it’s Government, yes we all do, can they all be filled no, not at once so be realistic when you vote or back a candidate.
  19. Currently there is a push for Reparations for the Slavery tat took place in America’s history. I agree reparations must be done and all forms of discrimination, prejudice, must be eliminated in America. race, color have no business being issues in America anymore. We all bleed red, we all need to eat, we all want to raise our children and we all must get along, racial tensions must be eliminated now! Integrate all neighborhoods, and get along, they can do it in projects in america.
  20. As to the Presidential Election of 2020, I want to say one thing so all Americans can understand it clearly! A woman President may be exactly what we need in America! Women can multi-task better than men, women that are running are well educated, they handle family, work and politics all at once. I think America has to face the fact, that all other nations have had female leaders, and america needs one now.

As I see it now America needs to face the above issues, before the 2020 Election ends and a new era begins for America. If we don’t face the above issues head on and get them fixed, America will destroy itself and it’s own economy and way of life. It can’t be allowed to happen America, we must pull it together now, or crumble!

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