Vote them out, let’s get America back to it’s rightful place in the world!

Is America a land of laws and regulations or because your President or the Attorney General you can lie to the American People and your own country and congress anytime you wish?

We have a President who averages at least 24 lies a day to The American People through public broadcasts and speeches, now we have an Attorney General who is brash enough, bold enough and brave enough to lie to Congress and only attend one hearing for the Senate but avoid the House of Representatives and get away with it? Is this a for real situation, that no Congressman.woman, or Senator is reacting to and allowing to happen now? If so how many Americans will allow this to keep happening in America and not change it all?

Are we not a country built on Immigrants, laws and religious freedoms? The Italians came here, the french, the jews,the Nordics and europeans of all kinds and asians to to make this a country of mixed races and colors, now we have a President who hates black and hispanics and pushes it to a point of caging them like animals at our borders and refusing them a chance to become american citizens why? His own Grandparents came from overseas, his own wife is an immigrant, yet he wants to stop all immigration from happening? what is wrong with this picture folks, tell me please!

Now next subject, the Attorney General must be forced to resign or be impeached and removed by congress now. he boldly sat before the senate committee and lied and then in the end he said, we have not given up the right to Executive Privilege , right on Television before a Senate Committee and no one said a word or asked him what he meant by we? In the end is he Trump’s personal attorney now or a Presidential Attorney now, or is he the Attorney General of the united states and representing the people of America? You Tell me folks!

Sadly, from what I can see, Senator Lindsey Graham, has suddenly become Trump’s personal protector on capitol hill now. He went from a stern full forced opposer of Trump to a firm believer and backer in a short period of time. What happened to Lindsey Graham folks, explain that one to me. he was fine before Trump sent him to Russia, he came back from Russia a different man, why? What is Russia and Trump blackmailing Graham with? Is Graham gay. or having affairs on the side and he got caught doing it, by Russia and Trump or what? The sudden change is there for all to see, what isn’t there is the why for all to see, just like Trump’s avoidance of anything bad or opposition to Putin and Russia. Why, is the question folks?

As we get ready for a new Election cycle in America, we must reinstitute the paper ballot system and take our election off the web and internet. We must have paper ballots and counts now, while computers will do the job as we know, the Russians are attacking our internet services and processes, to ensure fair elections and voting electronic machines must be backed up by paper ballots now. Anything less is stupid knowing the effects Russia had on the 2016 election.

Trump has failed in North Korea, Afghanistan, Iraq and Iran, he has failed with his tariffs and he has not brought jobs back to america as he has promised he would. His one claim to accomplishing anything, is the economy, which was never is and never will be, it is President Obama’s economy he is taking credit for. Sadly, he is a failure as an American President and those who support him, do so thinking he is a great business man he isn’t he filed bankruptcy so many time he has a revolving door to the bankruptcy courts. he fails at all he touches. He’s a liar and phoney folks, he lied about being a self made billionaire, he lied about where his money came from, he hides his tax returns and this man bends the laws and rules to his own way and gets away with it and no one is taking him on. What is wrong in America, why is this happening?

He doesn’t need to build a wall across the southern Border but he is doing it to put his name on it and say it is his. He just wants a place in history where his name will live on, Trump’s Border wall. As one fox commentator said,” Mr. President you don’t build the wall, you will have no legacy!” That’s what it is all about folks. She was right, he wants his name on the wall so he will have something to show for himself is all, and the american people have to pay for it right? Sad!

Look I tired of many things these days and one is a lying President, the second has become officials in our own government who are breaking laws, they are following Trump’s example folks. Attorney General Barr has lost his reputation, and his long career to back this President, he has now thrown away all he built up for himself and he is too blind to realize it. No one wants an Attorney General who lies to be kept in Office, it’s not what we need as the American Attorney General, Barr must resign or be Impeached by Congress.

I tire of people like Lindsey Graham, who say no more, I am not doing no more, it’s over, it isn’t! The high crimes and misdemeanors of Donald J. Trump exist and must be investigated fully and Trump must be censured and maybe even impeached for all of his crimes. 11 counts of Obstruction all provable in Mueller’s report and no one acts on them, lets be realistic here ok! Why is this happening?

2020 is coming quickly now folks, some changes must be made in Congress as a whole an d in the White House. We need a President for the people not against them! We need a Senate with Senators who will react to moral and ethical standards and breeches, we need people in office with souls and hearts and with brains too! Why are these people changing from I hate Trumpers to supporters of the worst President in American History, it’s like Trump has a magical power to turn them into lil zombie followers! It must be changed. McConnell must go, Lindsey Graham must go, they are just sitting there going along with all Trump wants and protecting his ass, they are enablers of Trump. They must go!

Change must come to America in 2020’s Presidential Election cycle, changes in the White House and the Presidency are primary, changes in the Senate must happen also. let work to change it all. We don’t have time to Impeach Trump anymore folks, even though for moral and ethical and legal reason we should, the time would be too much and run right over the election. We must beat Trump in the 2020 Election and the Senator who back him too. Vote them out, let’s get America back to it’s rightful place in the world!

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