My blog posts are my opinions,Never forget they are worth having.

My blog posts are my opinions, my thoughts, my ideas and my anger or love or whatever feeling I wish to express and it is all legal under the Freedom of Speech Rights.

I write of politics, my opinions on Politicians, medical procedures, or acts of violence. or acts of unfairness is all. There may be many who disagree with my views on many items, but, that is fine too, for we all have opinions and ideas don’t we?

I’ve noticed certain things in the news so I write about them, Trump, Barr,Mueller’s Report, crimes and misdemeanors, Impeachment, social media breaking laws and more. As I say these are my opinions period, and I shall speak them freely for this is a right under our constitution and laws of America.

Injustice in America comes in many forms, political, racial,sexual, and much more. There are those who ignore these issues and who run from them, hide from them and just avoid or get angry when they are talked about. As our forefathers of America said, All Men are Created Equal and we have our rights, to speak as we wish. So I speak I am just one blog of multi millions I am sure and my voice is very seldom listened to or read I can see my numbers on WordPress here, they track it all for me, and all users.

Agree or disagree it is what it is all about. I find many companies are getting too big for them to take care of their customers so I call them out when I can. I call out churches and priests who cause harm to people and children, I call out politicians who break laws and commit crimes. I call out companies who break laws, and take away people’s rights, without chances of defending themselves. No man woman or child, should be accused falsely,by any company, business, or person, without the chance to defend themself. If a company bans, suspends, or removes someone from using it, and does not give a reason for it and does not give that individual a chance to defend themselves, then they are wrong. I don’t care if it is a business, a person, an organization or anything else, it is wrong to falsely accuse and not give someone a way to defend themselves against any charges or accusations.

That said, enough about rights, I have also noticed a disturbing trend in America, less and less people seem to use libraries these days. Books are kept in libraries for reasons folks, they are there so you can look up the knowledge you may need for historic reasons, pleasure or to learn things. I know the Internet is more convenient, and easier to type an inquiry into and get the answers from, but libraries were here first and belong in American culture, history and in the world’s too. Libraries go way back in history and human culture folks, and they helped create civilizations and cultures worldwide. Libraries were kept by all cultures over history and through human nature. Never forget they are worth having.

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