Comic Books to Big Screen!

Marvel Comics, had more characters in their stable of comic book characters then many of us remember I am sure. The World is currently in love with characters like Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, The Avengers as a group, Black Panther and others who have taken the big screen by storm. The X-Men films ruled for a long time and some attempts at bringing others to the big screen failed. A good Comic film can only work if it sticks to what Stan Lee and other who worked for and with him made them be in comic books. You can’t change them too much or they become laughable, or silly, they must remain serious enough to carry the story line/ plot.

Spiderman, has become a large character that sells big time now with different actors over time. Again it is primarily because they kept to the character as it was created to be in the comic books. The same with The Incredible Hulk/ Bruce Banner has happened until Avengers End Game. In Avengers EndGame they combine Bruce Banner with Hulk and make him one solid character by way of CGI effects. As to whether it really works i will leave that to the audience, but in my opinion I believe it took something away from the whole character. But that is my opinion only and I can’t change anyone anyway, just express my own is all.

I would love to see the Marvel/Disney combo that made Avengers End Game make other characters come to the big screen more. The Fantastic Four is a great group for the big screen, but it must remain within the comic book version for characters to work. The Silver Surfer is a good character to put on the big screen more also, as would be his confrontations with Galactus His creator in the book. The Silver Surfer’s storyline from Marvel Comics, of his confronting his creator to save earth with the Fantastic Four as his allies is a great one if told correctly I think.

But, alas, Marvel is not the only comic book creators out there and nor are they the only ones to bring their characters to the big screen. We have seen many incarnations of Superman and Batman and one of Green Lantern brought to the big screen, plus others now like Aquaman. DC Comics has a stable of characters also they can bring to the big screen, yet they need to be more serious with them, for seem to put too much comically stuff in with them. I am not saying DC Comics needs to change their characters, for the Joker they portrayed on the Big Screen was fine. Gotham the television series on the CW, could be brought to the big screen as is and I would recommend you keep the same actors to do it too. I could imagine Gotham as a new Batman movie, set before Robin comes into play or exists in Bruce Wayne’s earlier days as Batman when he first meets each villain he faces. But they need to be serious to do it right, like they did the series.

Over my lifetime so many characters from both of these companies and their comic books have come to life on either the small screen or the big, and many who grew up with comics love them greatly. So Marvel/Disney and DC can if they study, what was done with The Avengers series creating a series of movies on them, can also be done with many. I hope Marvel/Disney and DC, can find ways and story lines to use for many others. I hope to see many more come out, for the imaginations of comic book artists and writers, deserve to be witnessed and seen by more people world wide!

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