The Twitter, Suspensions and Bans!

The fiasco of a mess Twitter has recently brought upon itself by suspending 1.9 million accounts for dubious reasons, I am sure will end up in courts somewhere.

1.9 million Twitter users woke up to messages on their Twitter accounts saying they have been suspended for different reasons and no reason has been really given.

Twitter suspends accounts and gives the users they suspend no way to find out why they were suspended or anyway to contact Twitter and correct any issues or rule breaches they may have done. So in the end people are now giving up to a none responding Twitter help Page that only responds with a stupid reply, of you are suspended, and your case is under review, after you try to appeal their decision.

There are now 1.9 million users off of Twitter, or suspended as I stated for one reason or another that have no real idea why. So, my question is this, what prompted Twitter to suspend all of these accounts at one time and why do they not have a way to let the users they suspended, contact them and allow them to get back on their service or app?

I know Twitter is so proud of their App and they just went public on the Stock Exchange in New York. Yet do they realize how badly this suspension process and lack or acknowledgement and possible recourse for these suspended users is affecting their APP’s status. They are losing accounts daily, due to any lack of response by them to people asking for reinstatement and not getting replies, except automated ones.

I like many awoke to a message saying I was suspended by Twitter and my account is blocked from using their service/ app. Now, I only used Twitter for three purposes when I had it, 1) To follow the political mess in Washington, on CNN and Trump’s problems and replying or commenting on those. 2) To post a Blog Link, to my blog I write, so people can read it, 3) To post a link to my Amazon Author’s page or Book Links I have up for sale on Amazon.

Sadly, it seems no matter how many times I try to contact twitter to get my Twitter Account off of suspension, there is nothing but a automated reply from their system online. People are starting FaceBook pages listing users banned or suspended by Twitter and they are taking turns sending Twitter, lists of names of people suspended or banned, trying to get Twitter to Respond on their help page. No luck so far for me or many of the others too.

Twitter is now facing losses of users, and will of course be ultimately affected by these acts. For me, personally, I have taken Twitter off my computer and off my cell phone, and said ok you win, I wont use the service/app anymore, good-bye. No sense waking up daily and trying to log into something that just says your suspended and no way to use or fix it anymore. It becomes a useless app on my computer and phone, and until Twitter wakes up and finds a way to handle it all and fix the problems I will live without it. I have no need for Twitter anymore, other services work just as well or better, without these problems or complications, Instagram, FaceBook, Tumblr, SnapChat and more. Sadly, Twitter will not notice the loss until it is too late I am sure and it will affect their bottom line, the more Users they lose. Sadly, sometimes, companies who get so big, so fast and have so many customers or users, forget what got them to where they are.

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