“Who Pleads the Fifth if their not Guilty?”

It is now apparent to me, and it should be to the majority of the world and Americans everywhere, that the American People did not elect who they thought to the American Presidency in 2016.

The man Americans put in office as President is a phoney, a con man, a liar, and not a great businessman. He didn’t make his fortune himself as he states all the time, he inherited from his father, 16 million when he was four years old.

He dodged the draft at least three times, by his father paying off a Doctor, who stated Donald, J, Trump has bone spurs in his feet and can not serve. It was and still is bullshit today, there is no reason why Trump couldn’t serve. His dad didn’t want him to serve, he was afraid to lose him in a war zone or battle.

Trump fails at everything he does, and people are blind to it. They talk of his business successes, no such thing exists folks. He failed at Trump Water, Trump, Steaks, the Casinos, and so much more, committing bankruptcy four times over the years. The New York Times found ten years of Trump’s tax returns and he didn’t even pay taxes for 8 out of the ten and lost 1.17 billion dollars over that period. Yes rea dit clear and out front, Trump is not a winner folks, he isn’t a big time businessman, he is a big time failure who hid it well is all.

As his crimes and life start to catch up with him, Americans are beginning to see some of the truth folks. Donald John Trump is a failure, a con man, a criminal and should never had been elected to the Presidency. Who elected Donald John Trump, well that is answered by looking at his base, they consist of uneducated, ultra conservatives of america. They are also dire loyalist to him, and when you ask them, they tend to only say, he built a great economy so I am voting for him. The truth is, it is not his economy, it belongs to Barack Obama, Trump inherited it just like he did his fortune at 4 years old.

He has no other accomplishments folks as President. He has failed in North Korea, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, and all overseas affairs. Our allies Canada and Mexico are angry at us other the tariffs, Trump has placed on them and so is Great Britain, Germany, France and many others.

He has been laughed out of the United Nations even. No American President has ever been laughed at in the United Nations except Trump, sad. The enemies of america are closing in on us under Trump. Russia and Cuba are in Venezuela now, holding up the Madura Empire there and denying they are there even and Trump buys it. It’s a sad world and America has never looked worse in world history.

I tire of hearing no response from those who want to vote for Trump in 2020, except one it’s the economy. The economy does not belong to Donald Trump or his administration. It belongs to Barack Obama and all Trump has done is take credit for that which he inherited. His tax plan has given more money to the rich, not the middle class or poor of America. He has killed Obama Care and Prescription prices rise all the time, they dont drop, as do medical bills period. All is going up in cost!

Food cost more, gas is leveled at a certain point, but we need off of gas for the planet to survive. the more gas and oil we burn the worst our environment and planet gets, we are destroying the world we live on. Yet Trump pulls us from any plans for Climate controlling and Environmental protections. Sad!

This man Trump cares about one thing, only himself. Case in point as we look at the Russians involvement in the 2016 election and the resulting Mueller Report also.

I remind all, that you need to look at the results of the Mueller Report, and wonder, how so many people who worked on getting Trump elected in 2016 or for him, ended up in prison, or jail, or convicted of crimes, and Trump hasn’t been touched.

Or lets look at what has happened now To William P. Barr, the Attorney General. This was a man with asterling legal reputation, who wrote a letter and auditioned to get the job back from Trump. Now he is a man up on Contempt Charges and about to be convicted by the House Of Representatives. In my opinion and many others Barr is no longer an Attorney with a great reputation, he is not the ATtorney General of the uNited States, he is in fact a Trump Lawyer put in place to protect Trump. Period.

Barr threw his whole life’s reputation down the drain to protect Trump, from the Mueller Report and crimes Trump committed. It’s a sad case of affairs for Barr if you ask me. A whole life of building up a reputation and career in law enforcement, thrown away so he can try to protect Trump a worthless criminal in his own right.

The evidences is apparent to e in all ways that Donald J. Trump and his team who got him elected and some who are in his White House Administration today, committed crimes by working with Russians to get the Presidency.Russian rubles flowed from Russia to media outlets and Internet outlets, to elect Trump President. They paid for ads on television, radio and social media service like twitter, facebook and others, all backing Trump and holding him up as a shining star. The people of Pennsylvania, Michigan, and other midwest states, were lied to and bullshiited into believing Trump would make their lives better by bringing jobs back, they didn’t get what was promised, did they? Trump is no magic cure for the job market folks, he fakes it like he does everything else, he does.

As The contempt charge of Barr goes to the House of Representatives and Donald J. Trump avoids charges and blocks his people from supenoeas, and now has Invoked Executive Privilege over The Full Mueller Report, we are beginning to get a look at the inner workings of Trump’s mind. Hes purpose is not for the good of the American People or the nation, his purpose is Donald J, Trump period and russia.

If you don’t believe what I am saying, well try asking Michael Flynn, Manafort, Popudouplis,Roger Stone, and all the others who are facing jail time and serving now including his personal attorney Michael Cohen.

Then while asking them, stop and think of the russians indicted inthe Mueller investigation also by Mueller. The Russian Troll Farm. 12 Russian GRU Agents .Konstantin Kilimnik! Rick Gates,

George Papadopoulos arrives at US District Court for his sentencing in Washington, DC on Sept. 7, 2018.

George Papadopoulos

The Numbers are staggering, yet all want to sit back and deny what happened and the truth, because they think Trump is great for the Economy!

Personally speaking as one individual, who went to college has a degree, served his country and understands the Constitution and Laws concerning Impeachment, and Illegal Acts and Crime and Misdemeanors by a sitting President and lived through it under Richard M. Nixon and saw Nixon go down in flames. I firmly believe what Donald J, Trump has done is ten times worse than Nixon did.

Why you ask, simle, Nixon had Watergate and spying on the democrats am dlying to the people and congress to save his own ass.

Trump has a lot more crimes and misdemeanors and he worked with and conspired with the Russians to get the Presidency. Working with an adversary of the American Government and People to steal the Office of the Presidency is ten times worse than anything Nixon did! Just look at the damage, just look at the convicted, just look at the ones facing trial now and the results. Now we await, what comes next as Congress digs deeper, for Donald Trump Jr. must now face The Senate Committee, who has subpoenaed him again. He has already stated publicly he may not show up or he may plead the fifth. In either case, if he avoids showing he can be arrested for that, if he does show and plead the fifth, guess what, like his father said “Who Pleads the Fifth if their not Guilty?”

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