Is Mankind killing itself off?

Time marches forward for all and everything! As we move through May 2019, many things will change and get revealed I am sure. History in and of itself has a way of revealing things people don’t want known, and ultimately it all comes out in the wash, so to say.

Lies get revealed as lies, crimes get revealed and known not only do accusations come out, but so usually will the proof of it all. My step-father who died way back now, in 1990, used to say, never lie it will bite ya in the ass if you do, he was right then and it still applies today, and always will.

We tend to forget things we learned from our parents and start doing things our own way, and then learn the hard way, what they did was the best way! We fight being told what to do, or how to do it,or how to not do it too. Parents show kids things and tell them, don’t do this, or do it this way, or don’t do it at all you’ll be sorry. Now for those young enough still being told, you should listen or face the consequences if you don’t, for we all have to learn sometime don’t we?

That said, history has so many lessons in it, it is crazy, we having learned to avoid all we have learned or that happened. Mankind is destined to learn and advance or in the end, to be exterminated in some way.

We build nuclear weapons, chemical weapons and biological weapons too. We stock pile them, and hold them in case we are attacked by a country who is our enemy. As a determinant this is great for they know we will retaliate in kind and it holds all in suspense and makes them think twice, before they do anything. But should mankind be living in this way? Holding the threat of total destruction over their fellow mankind, is it really the way one wants to live or exist.I think not, but we as a species tend to think the best way to stay safe in the modern world, is to arm ourselves, it doesn’t always work. yet for now, it seems to be the way to go.

Lets apply some or more of our technical and educational knowledge to save the planet instead of destroying it.Lets find a way to clean the air, to make the planet safer and let it work to regenerate itself naturally.The planet we live on, is vital to mankind’s survival, for we have no other liveable place to go if we dont fix it now, do we?

Is mars Liveable for mankind or any other planet out there? No one knows, we study the planets and space and we look, but we have not found a new home we can expand to yet. Sciencetist look and look but, no luck as of yet. If we get lucky someday we may, but in the meantime mankind must stop destroying the only planet and home we have.

Pollution must be stopped, plastics should be stopped and cleaned up. Air pollution must be stopped also, like the emissions of automobiles and other devices running on petroleum products of all kinds. gas, oil, diesel too must be stopped.

As the weather patterns around the world change, people seem to just accept more tsunamis, hurricanes and tornadoes as normal now. They seem to think it’s natural and it’s what we have always lived with in the past. The fact is, the more we interfere and manipulate and strip the planet of it resource, the worst it will be for all.

We need to stop all pollution, we need to plant more trees, we need to clena up all the garbage in the oceans and on land too. We were given a gift, when this planet accepted mankind to live on it, and we survived that process of adapting to it. Yet in the process of mankind adapting to the planet, we didn’t stop o think of the consequence of stripping the planet of it’s resources or minerals too. We leave pockets space where once there were minerals and more. Sadly we are depleting the planet, and when we do, where shall mankind go next? Are we killing ourselves off, is mankind coming to an end due to greed, and lust and more? We shall know soon enough I am sure!

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