After Trump is gone.

The current battle/ fight between the TRump’s Administration and Congress doing it’s oversight job, has gone too far now.

No President has the right to have people who work in the American Government ignore subpoenas from Congressional Committees, no President is a King who can say no to Congressional Oversight, America does not work this way folks. No President should be allowed to do as he pleases and ignore the Senate and House!

No President should be able to appoint a Attorney General who is supposed to be representing the american People and make him the President’s Personal Attorney at the taxpayers expense.

Congress has had patience and tried to be polite and still request the documents they need to do their job, but, Trump and his administration are still blocking it all at every turn! Why? And How long will Congress allow it to continue, maybe until Trump starts a war with Iran?

Let’s talk about the existing Impeachments, that were started in Congress in America’s History.

President Andrew Johnson was impeached, but not removed from office in the 1800’s. He was Impeached for firing Secretary of War Stanton.

Richard M. Nixon, Impeached for Watergate, and Lying to the American People. He was forced to resign or face the possibility of being dragged to jail from the White House. So Richard Nixon Resigned and took the easy way out.

William Jefferson Clinton, Impeached for lying to the American People about an affair with an intern Monica Lewinsky, or as one commentator on CNN who is female put it, he was Impeached for a blow job!. Remained in Office.

All three of the above Presidents went through Impeachment Proceedings and had Articles of Impeachment written on them. I remind all Americans and Congress too, both Houses, none of the above three, dared to deal with Russia, none of the three colluded, conspired with a known enemy of the United States to win the Presidency. None of the above lied to the American People on an average of 24 times a day. None of the above Obstructed Justice 14 times! So why is Trump not being Impeached?

The answer lies in the Vice Presidency Office. Mike Pence is a religious zealot and is worse than Donald J. Trump. Congress knows it and so do the American People. Sadly, it is the honest truth.

In each of the above cases of Impeachment, each President did more for the country then Donald J. Trump will ever do. I have faced many Trump Supporters in conversation now, and when you ask them, “What has President Trump done for the country and its people?” They always answer, ” He’s great for the economy!” He isn’t folks he inherited the economy belonging to President Obama and is riding it’s coattails. He has no other accomplishment period, to name. The wall is not needed and he claims he is building it, he hasn’t as of yet and all it will do is make an enemy out of Mexico. He is only trying to build a wall, because Ann Coulter of Fox News told him, ” Mr. President if you don’t build the wall, you will have no legacy as President.” So Trump had a plaque put on a part of the fence he rebuilt that has his name on it. Trump’s Legacy folks!. Leave his name and brand behind for all to see.

He has lied and cheated millions out of money in his lifetime, he has lied about being a self-made billionaire folks, his daddy left him 16 million dollars at 4 years old!

Erin Burnett of CNN, just aired a expose of Trump’s Business on CNN. He cheated lied and sold his name to people to make money, promising to build buildings he never did and cheated poor people out of money. It’s sad!

Donald J. Trump is no great builder, he is no great business man either, he has filed bankruptcy so many times the courts can see him coming. He is a walking, talking con man is all. He Lost 1.17 Billion Dollars in under ten years folks! read the reports!

He failed in North Korea, he failed in Afghanistan, he failed in Iran now and he will fail wherever he goes. He is not a deal maker and even the book Art of The Deal was not written by him. Sadly, his name is on it, yet he didn’t write a word of it.

He has his Trump surrogates out everywhere on Television, protecting his name and just making outrageous statements all the time. Yet, I must admit, they are fewer now if anyone has noticed.

Steve Cortess, The Former Senator from PA. Santorum, are ones still allowed on CNN these days. If anyone says anything bad about Trump they come in to defend him in anyway they can, it’s a sad sight to see. I wonder if they or William P, Barr, realize they are throwing away their reputations for a con man who has conned America, The American People and the World for a long time.I wonder what they will do when they realize, no one will hire them, after Trump is gone.

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