The Cancer Battle continues, and I shall continue it and with her, till, Death Do Us Part!

Here is a fact few know, in my life about me. I have lived with cancer, in my life, since 1970.

In 1970, we were in Dunedin, Florida, by we I mean my mother, my three brothers and our sister. My mother had taken to florida to move down there that year, the intention was to live there for the rest of our lives.

What occurred was a phone call from our father at the time. He called her and told her her father had cancer and was dying of it. Turns out her was in a NUrsing Home at the time and slowly dying from it. He died in 1971 in June, death caused by prostate cancer.

1971 also introduced me to a girl with cancer also, or who would be diagnosed with it shortly in high school. She had Ovarian Cancer and she was a nice girl, always smiling laughing and enjoying life at the time. She would not die until she was 62 years old. Her kidneys failed and the cancer advanced, she died with no kidneys.

Cancer it seems never disappears from my life, and believe me I wish it would. It would raise it’s head again in 1990. I came home from serving my country in the Navy for 16 years and as I was going through a divorce. I then found out Dad had prostate cancer and was dying from it. He would pass in October of 1990.

During his bout with cancer which killed him in 9 months, all of us were called to a hospital and informed Mom had cancer also.She died October of 1991, one year and one day after her husband. We buried both in one grave together for eternity.

Yet Cancer was not done popping up in my life. I remarried in 2000. In 2006 my second wife came down with breast cancer. We went through chemo, radiation treatments, for a year, the cancer went into remission.

Then in 2013, I was hit with Lung Cancer!. I was a smoker for many years and had quit, seven years before. It was found on a Pet Scan, by the Veteran’s Hospital here. One month after the scan, a specialist from Yale New Haven Hospital, took a lobe and one third of my right lung. I survived, no chemo, no radiation period and so far I am still clear, and it is 2019.

But Cancer doesn’t stay in remission, it came back for my wife in 2015, and we have been fighting it in her, now since then. Radiation, Chemo treatments continued, and it was one, a week every week for three weeks and only one week off for her. recently that changed.

Her Doctor stopped her tavial chemo treatments now and switched her to Immunotherapy now. Every three weeks she gets treated again now and we just finished the third one last week. One more and it is back to scans for her to see if it is working.

I have lived through it so many times, I am now seeing it may not be working for her. Her breast cancer is now in her bones and has been now, for almost two years. Her appetite is less, she has lost weight now and sleeps more than ever before.

I understand and have faced people losing the cancer fight before and these are a few of the first signs of that. Sadly, I know she will not last forever and the inevitable will happen. We remain positive and we hope for the best and I sit and have sat for hours and hours of treatments for her. I don’t complain I stay here, I take her in and I bring her home. I feed her when she is hungry, I help her shower and dress also. I clean thouse, i do the dishes and we keep moving along. My only question is really, how much time do we have left?

I watch, I do,and I stay, I am not going anywhere!. She is my wife, i married her for better or worse, through sickness and health. I could never walk away and i will never.

The Cancer Battle continues, and I shall continue it and with her, till, Death Do Us Part!

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