Wake up now, before it is too late folks!

Climate Change is real folks. Look around you as tornados hit us, hail storms, and constant rain storms,areas that used to get sun are now darker, the sun is not as strong as before.

Mankind has driven the earth to the breach of destruction with it’s grabbing, taking and using up of planetary resources. Look around you folks as the oceans rise, and darkness stays with us longer even in our summer months.

Mankind has done itself in and used up the planet at such a high rate it can not replenish itself fast enough, because the climate change prevents it from doing do. Gases, and oils pollute our air, people cut down trees to build homes and hotels and malls, and don’t realize, the trees and plants supply the oxygen we breath. Leave the trees be, plant more trees, we have the carbon dioxide they use to live, and they create the oxygen we need to live. Balance must be maintained folks or mankind goes south.

That said let’s discuss our future generations. We all, have relatives younger or the same age. If you have children you hope they will produce children of their own also and carry on the family name right? Grandchildren out there belonging to you maybe?

Whatever the case may be,conservation is needed, climate control is not possible without changing how we live. Pollution, plastics, tree removals all must stop. The Ocean has more plastic and garbage in t then ever before and it is killing off the aquatic life also.

How far does mankind go before it wakes up and finds out it killed its own homeworld? It’s getting there folks, empty coal mines sit and stare back at us, plastic bags of garbage and plastic bottles come in on the waves from the oceans. The air quality is getting worse and even our scientist know the truths and try to tell us it but we ignore them, so they try to cope by making man made products of meat and vegetables, so we won’t run out of food. The waters are getting so polluted, we bottle water so much, we are draining the freshwater resources on the planet and running em dry. Where will mankind go and what will we do next?

We have reached the moon and Mars folks, neither are habitable for mankind! So, where will mankind go, once the earth we live on a call home, is depleted of all resources?

We kill our animals to eat them, we waste grains and farm products like crazy each day and then we go out and cut down the plants that give us the very oxygen we breath! When will it all change folks, so the earth as a planet can recover and come back from this brink of disaster it faces right now?

Yeah, I know it sounds so destructive and depressing right, the fact is it is a reality coming at us daily. It is not a storyline or lie folks, look around closely and you shall see. Sadly, Mankind is killing it’s own home, it’s life blood is the earth, without it, no planet we have found as of yet has the atmosphere we need to survive, can grow or produce the food we need, so where will mankind go is the next real question, isn’t it!

I will be long gone by the time it happens, but, mankind if it wants to survive better consider all I am saying, clean the air, clear the pollution, plant the trees, create oxygen, find alternatives to wasting food products and vegetables and meat. Clean up the oceans folks, we are killing what cleans and keeps the planet going for us. Wake up now, before it is too late folks!

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