Trump= A Failure!

We in America live in a Republic and Democracy, the ForeFathers, Washington, Adams, Jefferson, Franklin and the rest built this form of government so Americans would have a say in how they are governed and by who, plus for the freedoms we all enjoy. Freedom of Speech, The Right to bear arms. Religious choice and more. What I can’t understand is how we got to the point we are today.

We are a nation being held captive by a President, who thinks he is God or King, take your choice. He is ordering people to ignore subpoenas, left and right, he is wasting America’s resources and time fighting legal battles in courts who are saying he is wrong already and just started. The Court that said hand over Trump’s Financial records in 7 days, did not lie folks, he is a citizen of the united states, and like all of us has no special right to ignore subpoenas, he has no right to hide.

He ran for President and won and got the office with financial as well as political help from Russia and Putin and yet he believes like Putin he is a king or God! Sadly, America is suffering from the mistake of about 300,000 voters. I remind all Hillary Clinton won the popular vote in 2016 and should be President not Trump. Trump sold America to Putin, and Russia to get the office using rubles and russian agents to get there. It is sad!

Trump has failed as President, he lies to America daily on average 24 times per day.

He Failed in North Korea, Afghanistan, Iran, and Iraq too. He is no big deal maker or businessman either. His so called book The Art of The deal was written by someone else and like everything else, he paid to have his name on it. It’s a presidency full of lies and builty on a con game.

I just want to let everyone know if he starts a war with Iran, he can’t lie or con his way out of the millions of people he will get killed in doing so. It won’t bother him too much, he is a narcissist and has no conscience, but what it would do to American Parents whose children, would die for no good reason, is a lot. You can’t bully nations, you can’t threaten them and expect no consequences folks, they won’t take it!. You can bet Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan are not going to sit there if attacked and not fight back, they will and it will American Military Personnel, who will pay the initial and final cost of what Trump orders. Is this what Americans want a fight,a war with Iran? I think not,I have said this before and few get it when I do, you speak to Trump Supporters, ask them why they support Trump and the first thing out of their mouth is the economy. I just can’t believe people don’t see through that lie by now.

Food prices and clothing will rise now after his Tariffs. No jobs came back as he promised in 2015 and 2016, if anything jobs are leaving or being laid off. People barely get by daily and the rich keep getting richer under Trump.

We now have no HealthCare Coverage that is worth anything, anymore, except Medicare and Medicaid and they are now under the threat of being dismantled and destroyed by Trump too. Trump Care is a bunch of crap is all, he didn’t want ObamaCare to be out there because it was Obama’s and he hates Obama.

Day by day the political atmosphere in Washington, DC gets worse, A president running amok and doing what he pleases to break laws, avoid telling the truth and stopping congress from doing their overseeing job is wrong. Avoiding subpoenas left and right, ordering former government employees not to testify to Congress is wrong too. Trump is just wrong folks, why is America not reacting of doing anything?

Someone tell me, why a lying, con man is running America today and no one is reacting please! Doesn’t Congress have the guts to do their job and take this President down a notch and control him in some way.

I know one thing, if Trump starts a war with Iran, or Afghanistan, or Iraq or another country in the middle east, and the death totals start mounting up, Congress and the American People will regret not doing anything to prevent it and holding him in check.

The Trump Empire and the Trump so called Dynasty is built on lies and crimes and cons folks. he never belonged in the White House as President and he is America’s biggest mistake and a walking lie!

What bother me most is this, how many blind loyal Trump supporters are out there now and how far will they allow this one man to go? How far will American women allow him to go and attack Roe V Wade and take away their rights to control their own bodies? How far will America allow him to push the Supreme Court to the right, before they realize he is politicizing the Courts.

As the price of food and clothing and needs rise in America, jobs disappear, ask Ford Motor Company 7000 white collar jobs are going now, why? They can’t keep there people because they can’t sell cars like they used to, especially under Trump. Steel tariffs and more are killing the Auto industry now. It’s Trump’s fault no one else’s.

I tire of the economy is why we voted for Trump and will again because he created it, it’s a lie folks, like all he says. The economy was built under Obama and stabilized before Obama left office and rising as he left office. Trump is riding Obama’s economy and decisions not his own, he has no knowledge of economics or how it even works, ask him go ahead if your a reporter. I guarantee he has no idea what an economic principle is or how it even works. This man is a puppet who reacts only when he feels pressured, or attacked, he has no knowledge at all. Wharton Business College does not prepare one for the Presidency or tpo run the American Government folks.

If you think Wharton Business College is a great school, they need o explain why there biggest named Graduate Donald John Trump, had to commit and file for so many bankruptcies! How does one end up filing bankruptcy four times and losing casinos? It is a sad, sad, story if you look for the facts. Take a closer look America, for if you re elect him, well you get the idea! he has done enough damage in less then three years in office already, it;s time Americans stop coddling him, protecting his and enabling him and his bull, Donald Trump needs to lose in 2020 and he needs to be forgotten piece of American History and a large mistake. He’s a narcissist, he vain, a liar and incompetent also. Why does an American President stand before the American People and lie daily, boldly?

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