Start Impeachment Proceedings and get the Truth out!

Instability is something the American People should not have to put up with in their President!

Donald John Trump is a narcissist, a liar and a con man, but even worse is his unstable emotional reactions to all that is happening to him, from all the investigations pointed into his businesses and his life.

I remind all, President Andrew Johnson was under Impeachment Proceedings and did his job in the 1800’s, Richard Nixon, was under four articles of Impeachment in the 1970s and he still did his job to defend and protect the country and more. William Jefferson Clinton, under Impeachment Hearings did the same, he buckled down and completed his work for the American People and the country also. So, why can’t Trump?

Each day more and more information about Trump comes out, his lies, his crimes, his misdemeanors and his refusal to work with Congress and his fighting of all supeneoas is sad!

His losing in the courts has just begun, he lost on his Tax Returns and his financial records this week as both Judges said the banks and IRS must turn his taxes over and financial records. Two banks had to give in and turn records over already and more are coming. Congress, both Houses will get to the truth very soon. As to 2020 and the next Presidential Election, it will all depend on what is revealed and how deep his crimes go, and how bad they affect his abilities to perform as President.

Right now currently, Trump’s Emotional instability is threatening the United States from within. His inability to remain emotionally stable is affecting his work as President, he will not work with Congress he said himself until they stop investigating him. Guess what Trump, it is their job as Congress to keep oversight of the Executive Branch and you as President. The forefathers wrote it into the Constitution, as a Protection against a President who may be corrupt, unstable, or incapable of running his office and doing his job. And it is worded in such a way that, it would be applicable to anyone who holds the office.

I sit safe Americans, to have an incapable, inefficient, emotionally unstable, narcissistic, individual running our country? Is it safe to have a man in the Presidency who used Russians to get the Office, and spent Russian rubles to advertise for said office and even asked the Russians for help publically on national Television? You tell me folks, Please?

As we close in on the start of the Debates for the next President of the United States, we need a stable personality, an educated person, one who makes sense and can work with both Houses of Congress and both Parties and any independents.

We need one who will tear down Trump’s tariffs, tear down his stupid wall and fence, refinance and repair medicare and medicaid and social security. One who will establish medical insurance for all , including dental and prescriptions too. We need a candidate who is brave enough to send people to Canada and other countries that have healthcare for all, to see how they do it, and to bring it to America, so all are covered. We need to know how they do it, and get it done properly for all Americans here in the USA.

As to Infrastructure, we have a crumbling one currently. Water pipes are giving out, sewage pipes too, and the streets are in a sorry condition and getting worse, in each state and across america. It must be fixed, but it must me managed, controlled and fixed properly, not half assed. The Trump Administration has too many unqualified people running departments they don’t belong in. Devos does not belong running Education, for one she is at a total loss. he is not the only one running a massive Department that has no idea what she is doing, Ben carson just showed he has no idea what his job is either as Secretary of Housing and Urban Development. It’s sad reflection of the mess we are in today, with Trump as President.

President Trump is guilty of many Crimes and Misdemeanors, and Obstruction of Justice and in my opinion collusion with Russia to win the presidency. While Trump will scream and yell and talk till he is blue in the face or gone from office, he didn’t do it, he is lying and it is becoming apparently clear to all Americans slowly, and while nancy Pelosi is trying to stop Impeachment Proceedings from starting in the House, because it will take too much time, and The Senate will probably protect Trump, the bottom line is Trump is obviously in need of Impeachment for not, doing his job as President now. It’s time the Congress and The House of Representatives, for the Protection of The Republic and our Democracy, and the Protection of the American People start Impeachment Proceedings and get the Truth out!

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