Remember an old adage Republicans, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander!

How much Insanity can one President show and how many crimes can he commit, before the American People have had enough?

Donald J. Trump has colluded with Russians to get the American Presidency, he has Obstructed Justice at least 14 times, he lies on average 24 times a day to the American People.

He claims he is not part of a cover-up, but he is, in more ways than one and he knows it too. He is running for cover for being a part of cover-ups in many cases, The payment of money to Stormy Daniels and Karen Mcdougal, the Letter written on Air Force One, he gave to Donald Jr. to release to the press. He attacks the Press daily for reporting on all he lies and does that is foolish, stupid or criminal. And yet he is still President of The United States, unbelievable!

Now he is fighting with Congress over subpoenas and losing in Court! His Financial records were ordered turned over, and his bank records also. He is blocking McGhan from testifying and he doesn’t want Mueller testifying either. He blocks or tries to block all testimony of former White House Employees. Sadly, he will learn he can’t do that either shortly I am sure, they are former employees not current and they all did not work for him, as Advisors or Administration Members.

What’s sadder than sad is he is a narcissist, a liar, a con man, and more and yet no one is reacting or stopping him! Why?

I have something to say to All Republicans who are supporting Trump right now and keeping him from being Impeached and protecting him. I think all Republicans should listen closely now to what I say.

2020 is coming quickly as is the Next Election Cycle. Those Republicans up for re-election in the House and Senate should listen closely, the Democrats are coming for you all. Not only are the Democrats, so will be the Independents and angry Republicans. They are all getting fed up with Trump’s bull and yours too. every Republican in The Senate who is protecting and supporting Trump should be ashamed of themselves.

Lindsey Graham is a disgrace, he went from a man with a brain to a mindless Trump Protection Drone. What does Trump and The Russians have on Graham folks, you tell me?

Senator McConnell of Kentucky, and The Senate Leader for the Republicans, should hang his head in shame and resign as a Senator. He repeats whatever Trump’ says verbated and word for word and smiles as he screws the people of the United States and Kentucky too.

The biggest problem though for the Republicans is this, they are paving a new path for a President to tread and walk down, by allowing Trump to abuse and misuse the powers of the Presidency and overstepping his bounds.

I offer this to all Republicans supporting Trump now and protecting him, whether it is 2021 or 2025, when a Democrat takes over the Office of the Presidency, don’t cry when they do the same things Trump is doing now, and get away with it, all too. You set the stage for it and it will be your fault, not the Democrats. So when a Democratic President stands up and refuses to answer subpoenas, or lies to the country 24 times a day, or commits Obstruction of Justice 14 times or colludes with another country who is our enemy, don’t cry and go crazy. You won’t have one leg to stand upon, because you let Trump do it now! Remember an old adage Republicans, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander!

Republicans should hang their heads in shame for even Nominating Trump for the Presidency, it’s a shame,I am sure Americans will never let them live down!

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