Happy Memorial Day Weekend to All!

Memorial Day is upon us in the United States, Parades will be in full view for all to see and the memories of those lost in Wars, or Injured, or those who Served wil be thought of, I hope with Pride and an Understanding, they served not for themselves, but for those they loved and wanted protected.

I served for a total of 16 years myself folks, I did it in three branches of Service, U.S. Army, Army National Guard and U.S. Navy. I didn’t do it to protect myself, I didn’t do it for benefits or money, I did it because I wanted my family at home protected and cared for so no one would invade and attack America period.

I learned many things in the military, one is you grow up fast and mature because there is no one to hold your hand. Two, you learn to get along with all in the military and color or race or sexual preference have no bearing on it. Third is you learn leadership technics, and knowledge in the rate or MOS =Job you do to advance in rank. Each step you take in the military, makes you a more positive, skillful and better person period.

Many like myself were going for retirement from the military some made it to 20 years some of us did not, not because we didn’t want to, but because we were injured in Service. I was injured and still am today with six herniated discs in my spine three in my neck and three in my lower back. I don’t run around in public limping or complaining, no one who was injured in service would, if they have any pride to them and I do.

So, do me a favor folks, when you see a Veteran of any kind, whether injured or not that you know who served, say Thank You to them for your freedoms you enjoy daily in America. They don’t want noticed, for donations or money folks, nor do they were the uniforms to get noticed, they wear them out of Pride for what they know they did, Representing all Americans and Protecting and Serving their Country.

Happy Memorial Day to All in America,young and old, for you we served, for you we protected and we did it till we could not anymore. Some of us died in service to America, some of us survived and deal with mental and physical pains, yet we did what we knew was right for us, and for the ones we love and the country we love so dearly.

To my fellow Servicemen and Women who served like me, God Bless and Thank You from Myself and Mine!

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