Think of America Again folks!

The battle in the next Presidential Election will be major in where America is going next, in its history as the world’s greatest Democracy and Republic. It will determine if America stays the course as a beacon of freedom, and virtue or goes down the road to socialism, dictatorship and yes, communism.

Sadly, Americans are learning the hard way what happened in 2016 when they elected Trump President. They elected a con man, a liar, a narcissist, and a fool. American women are about to pay the price of electing Trump President, when the courts now rule in the near future Roe V Wade is to be dropped. Women across america will be forced to have and carry the children of rapists to full term and give birth to them. It will be a sad day for all women not only in America but in the whole world if it happens.

As we get closer to the 2020 Presidential Election, certain things Americans will have to face are coming to the forefront.

1) The Abortion Issue and Women’s Rights,

2) Global Warming and Climate Control, check your weather patterns people and you will see what I am saying.

3) HealthCare for All does not exist in America, and Trump and the Republicans murdered it, and gave us nothing to replace it. Even the so called Medicare for all will not cover the healthcare problems and costs Americans will pay next.

4) The Care and well being of America’s elderly is a big issue now without healthcare coverage of some kind for all, many American families will be burdened with costs for their parents and grandparents. something must be done folks.

5) Jobs, folks yes Jobs, Trump’s economy kills Jobs due to his tariff;s, it raises cost for farmers, and takes away their markets to sell, costs Americans more at the markets and stores to live too daily. Jobs fly out but don’t come back due to tax hikes too. Ford is losing jobs, Chevrolet, factories shut down and even brick and mortar stores like Macy’s, J.C. Penny and others are going under. Trump promised jobs folks, he promised prosperity for all, you got, the rich getting richer and the poor getting poorer nothing more.

6) Education costs rise daily in America, and no one is facing it or taking care or the teachers either. Books and supplies cost folks and the budgets of many schools are decreasing as the students grow in number. student Loans are killing Americans who got the loans to try to better themselves and their families, and there is no relief in sight for them.

7) We have come under attack from Russia and it’s operatives, in the 2016 Election and it is about to happen again in 2020 and the Republicans are taking no action to stop the cyber attacks by Russia. Trump says there was no collusion, I disagree there was and it should be stopped first at Trump’s door, then at America’s door. Trump is the first American President to ever use an enemy state, like Russia to get the presidency, and it must be stopped now and in the future for the safety of all Americans Take all voting offline, take all voting servers down, and return to manual ballots and manual counting of the votes. Then, also, outlaw any money usage in the American Election process that comes from anywhere except America. No other nation should be able to pay for ads in our election process.

8) A change must be made in the Election Process in America, The Electoral College must go period. It is too easily to influence it and control it as we have now seen in the 2016 election. The Popular vote of the people should decide the results of any America Election.

The Above are eight issues I think all Candidates for The Presidency of America in 2020 must face and work to fix now. Infrastructure is another for sure.

Infrastructure in America is crumbling our water systems, sewer systems, highways and more need repair or rebuilt. If necessary we should reach back and bring back the ways of those who built and redid it before. It worked then and it will work again. The plan was sound then and would be today also.

America should not be involved in wars overseas anymore at this time unless agreed upon by all Americans. Sadly, we are spread too thin and too far around the world, we must choose and pick which we can help and those we can not anymore.

In the end let me say this, America has fought and won the biggest wars in the world at home and abroad for too many years. Isn’t it time America, to stop fighting other people’s wars and among our selves, and to unite and fight for what if right again? Isn’t it time America, we elect someone who understands, we must care for our own first, but choose who we help, plus invest in what is needed to rebuild America, Rebuild Jobs, and Education and our Infrastructure and more? Isn’t it time to bring HealthCare for all to America, Canada does it, Sweden and Switzerland can do it, Europeans do it why can’t we? Isn’t it time someone went to these countries and said how did you do it, what was the cost, and how can we bring it to America, so all Americans will have it also.

I will end with this: America Elected a con man, a liar and a thief to the White house in 2016, Trump is all of the above, plus a sick man, for he is a narcissist too. He cares nothing about you or me fols and he cons so many with his lies and bold foolish statements and more. Don’t let him have four more years, if you do we will be wearing Russian clothes and singing Russian Anthems. Keep America Free, Keep the Republic and the Democracy alive. When you vote in 2020, think of all America, not just your own pocketbooks, but all of us. Think of America Again folks!

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