Women Sure As Hell, Can and Should Be President!

As we close in on June 2019 in a few days, we have to deal with an overabundance of Democratic candidates for President of the United States in the 2020 Election Cycle here.

Michael Bennet
 (D)Joe Biden (D)Bill de Blasio (D)Cory Booker (D)Steve Bullock (D)Pete Buttigieg (D)Julián Castro (D)John Delaney (D)Tulsi Gabbard (D)Kirsten Gillibrand (D)Mike Gravel (D)Kamala Harris (D)John Hickenlooper (D)Jay Inslee (D)Amy Klobuchar (D)Wayne Messam (D)Seth Moulton (D)Beto O’Rourke (D)Tim Ryan (D)Bernie Sanders (I)[1]Eric Swalwell (D)Elizabeth Warren (D)Marianne Williamson (D)Andrew Yang (D)

Of the 24 above, how many really think they have a shot at winning against Trump in 2020?

The front runner we already know well. 1) Joe Biden 2)Bernie Sanders 3) Elizabeth Warren, 4) Kamala Harris 5) Pete Buttigieg . The rest to me are either unknowns, or basically jumping in because Trump is in a legal and political mess and they see an opportunity to take a shot due to Trump’s Legal messes and his unpopular stances on many issues.

So lets talk the top five Democrats running for the President, the way I see them right now.

  1. Joe Biden, he has a wide range of political experience, he served two terms as Vice President. Plus years as a Senator Representing Delaware. His Pros are those experiences, but, hos cons are age, a stumbling speech pattern due to that age and his problems with touching females inappropriately which can bite him big time.
  2. Bernie Sanders, his experience and progressive ideas are a pro. His Age and the fact we have seen his act before are the cons here.
  3. Elizabeth Warren, she has great business experiences, a Senator, and speaks clearly and concisely on the issues she loves, all pros for her, plus her preparations for all speeches and issues. Con- Well as we all know, there has never been a female President in American History and her battle will be uphill due to that. Some believe she is too aggressive and progressive too. Too Liberal some say. Yet she does seem to plan for each major issue facing America.
  4. Kamala Harris, Pro- Senator, experienced in the Senate and in Law, on the Prosecutorial level. Speaks clearly, concisely and carries herself well. Her stands on many issues from law enforcement to healthcare and social security sound good to me. Her age is right for the job and her skills too. The cons Simple First many will say a female can’t handle the job, second being biracial seems to go against her for many people, me, I take it as a plus, but she will always have her haters on both sides of the color barriers because of it. She can overcome this and shouldn’t worry over it.
  5. Pete Buttigieg- Pro His speech and the way he carries himself, is the best in this lineup of democrats. His stance on the issues hold him steady in the race so far. Con- Simply put can a homosexual man overcome the bias against him due to his sexual preferences? His youth is another factor here and inexperience too. Being a Mayor of a small town is one thing, running a country another, does he have the ability to run America or not, time shall tell.

In my opinion so far only one other candidate for the Democrats stand out, Amy Klobuchar of Minnesota. A Senator with guts and who handles herself well in public fights, like hearings. Her stances are good on many issues and she does not job the gun and give answers to question without considering them first. As good as she can be at times, people will fault her also, because of her sex, you will hear the question again and again can a woman be President?

My opinion of course is my opinion only and many will disagree with what I think. I still believe Hillary Clinton won in all reality except the electoral college world, and Trump bought it with Russian Rubles! That’s my opinion is all. of course, yet my answer to all Americans who ask, can a woman be President of the United States and do the job, is a resounding yes! If a Woman can be married, raise children, handle the bills at home, balance a husband and family life with all else she does, then she can indeed run a Country. Take a good look overseas and you will see it in Germany Angela Merkel, and other nations too. If you still can’t see the fact, that women multitask better than men, then, my friends you are blinded by a male machismo and have a problem with women period. They give life to all of us, by birthing, they carry us for nine months and survive. They raise children, run homes and businesses, work each day and balance it all, they sure as Hell Can and Should Be President!

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