To: Robert Swan Mueller III

Special Prosecutor and now former, Robert S, Mueller, we are all told, does not want to testify before Congress on public television, regarding his Report. Now his sentiments and wishes are appreciated and understood by Congress and The House of Representatives and the Committees, it may be he will have no choice but to testify, whether on television, or not.

It is one thing to request not to testify, it is another to ignore or avoid a subpoena, or a Congressional demand for answers regarding his work as Special Prosecutor.

As it sits now, with all we know, Trump has broken too many laws and taking too many shortcuts and made too many lies to the American Government and the people also.

To Robert S. Mueller I say this, Sir we respect your past, your work history and the jobs you have held and your duties you have performed for the United States of America, we respect your service Sir and we believe in the job you did, in each position you held.

Yet we are in a constitutional crisis now, we have a lawless, illegal President in the White House running our country. He has lied to America and its people over ten thousand times in under 4 years in office.

You yourself said, you could not prove collusion happened between Trump and Russia to get him elected, yet you indicted and prosecuted Flynn, Popudouplis, Stone and more for lying, and more in this report and the courts. You Sir know as does most of America, Trump is guilty of collusion and Russia is guilty of helping him win the 2016 election also. You stated it yourself now numerous times, Russia helped Trump win the Presidency in 2016 and worked against Hillary Clinton to do so.

You came up with Obstruction of Justice Charges also in your report that now need to be explained more thoroughly to Congress, I say his because as I see it now Mr. Mueller with all due respect, your duty to country and the courts is not completed, until Congress has all of the information necessary to do it’s Jump of Oversight of the Presidency, properly. Ten to Fourteen Possible charges of Obstruction of Justice you outlined in your report, now need to be explained as to why you did not charge President Trump and handed them off to Congress.

We now all understand what you stated on television, the OLC Policy would not allow a President to be charged while in Office . And we see why you did not do so Sir, but, now that you have handed your report into the Attorney General and he has misrepresented it to the American Public, don’t you think you owe America and your fellow Prosecutors who worked with you, to explain why you did it the way you did and where you believe it should go next?

If nothing else Mr. Mueller, As an ex-marine, who has worked for the American Government for so many years now, don’t you think you should complete the duties you started, and finish it correctly? To leave the country you swore to Protect and Defend and Honor and Cherish, with no defense against Russia and it’s attacks on our Election System and our country, and allow a man who colluded with Russia to run roughshod over our form of Democracy and our Republic is wrong! I submit Mr. Mueller, you have a duty to Defend and Protect the Country, even if it is not as a Military Member or Prosecutor anymore, but as a civilian who cares enough and knows the dangers of what has happened in the 2016 election and before and after it.

If Congress calls Robert S, Mueller to testify whether it is on Television or in Private, I believe you Robert Mueller, will have no choice but to do so, by subpoena or voluntarily!

For your own peace of mind, and the country’s good and well being Sir I ask you now, to Step Up, Testify, and lets finish what you have started!

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