Trump is a Isolationist, and a Narcissist, too!

Lets see now, how many enemies, who were friends, are there now, during Trump’s term as President?

He has Tariffed Canada on steel and more, made them angry at America and they sit on our Northern Border and they are friendly to all and a close ally.

He has now made done the same thing to Mexico to out southern border, tariffing them to hell, and trying to build a wall on our southern border to keep them out and anyone else who wants in, out!

He has isolated America from Europe, England out greatest ally he mishandles daily, and breaks protocol when he visits by ignoring rules of royalty. Why?

Does Trump listen to anyone at all? That is the real question now in America and how far will America allow Trump to go, in his isolationist policies?

Then you add in his using Russia to win the 2016 election and he did no matter what he denies, he even openly admitted it once, and then back tracked on it! I wonder if Americans realize that the President of The United States asked for help to win his office from our mortal enemy and received it and got what he wanted. Yes he got the Presidency on Russian Rubles and Russian help and so many Americans don’t care that he did. They are all called Trumpsters now! Yes they run around with that red hat on that says MAGA!

We don’t need to Make America Great Again folks, we have been great for well over 200 years already and will remain so forever in history and on the planet.

Yet, even the Greatest Country in the World, America, makes mistakes and has con men, criminals and cheaters and thieves in it too. We have a narcissistic, man in the White House, who lies on an average of 24 times a day to the American people who he is supposed to be representing and leading!

he calls people names and acts like a child who is angry all the times, he is petulant and tiresome to watch! He stomps his feet like a child in a temper tantrum when other Nations don’t do what he wants and threatens them, and still gets no where, stupidity is a constant with him. The definition of stupid is what Trump is folks, he knows it’s wrong and he knows it is immoral and unethical yet he does it time and time again, and America lets him why?

If Impeachment starts, will the Republicans still let Trump be their nominee?

Donald John Trump

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