Do they stand tall, make a move and start Impeachment Proceeding now and save America from a second coming of Donald Trump?

To Impeach or not to Impeach is the question all Democrats and Americans must face at this time. The president of The United states Donald John Trump has lied to all of America, on Russia’s involvement with his campaign, with their interference in the 2016 election and with his knowledge of what he knew they were doing, period. He made numerous attempts to block the Mueller investigation and the Investigations of The House of Representatives and evena Republican Senator too. My question is how much further will the American People allow Donald J. Trump to go in his illegal acts?

I have my opinion of course and there are now two sides to this debate. One side says, don’t impeach, because it will help Trump win re-election, the other side says it is Congress’s responsibility and job to hold a President, to oversight and the law!

Across the world people of all nations are watching what is happening in america and it’s politics. They are watching to see at what point will the American Congress finally react to all Trump has done and caused done.

It is a sad atate of affairs in American History right now, we have an American President who lies to the american people on the average of 24 times a day.

We have a President who used Russian rubles and Russian media influences to win the presidency and Russia is our enemy folks. Which means that the man filling the Oval Office, worked with and in collusion with Russians, to help to win the office, he is occupying today! No American President ever, before Donald Trump accepted that kind of help and none would have either, if asked. Yet Trump and his people did!

Then once it was found Russia interfered in the 2016 election and that Donald Trump stood on public television asking Russia to find Clinton’s emails it should have been enough, even for Trump Supporters, to realize this man is a coward, a traitor, and a collaborator. But nope they keep supporting him in all ways and enabling him. Why is the major question?

I remind all of how Russia did this with and for Donald J, Trump, and why they did it! The Russians knew it would be easier to deal with Trump than Hillary Clinton period and Putin admitted just that on television. Sadly, again, no one reacted to it, why?

The problem is this folks, Trump Obstructed Justice numerous times now, he colluded with Russia and Putin and sadly he still sits in the Oval Office. Nancy Pelosi says no Impeachments, not until the full proof is in her hands. Others say there is plenty of proof already, just start it. Which way is right folks?

Here is where my opinion comes in. Here is how I see this, The Democrats have a Constitutional Duty to do oversight of the Executive branch and The President. They also have a duty to protect and defend the United States, it’s form of Government and the people as a whole. I believe they should start it, and do Censure of Trump and Impeachment at one time. We all know the Senate will not Vote to Impeach Trump, so he feels protected by them for sure.

If The House led by Pelosi, starts Impeachment Hearings against Trump what will the Republican Party do, when the proof hits national Television folks? Will they still believe in Trump and let him carry their banner, when they see that he is a bigger traitor to America then Benedict Arnold was? You tell me folks, would you let a traitor fly your party banner, if you knew he was a traitor, Trump is indeed one!

Sadly coming up here in June soon, Trump will launch his Campaign for his second term, as President. I know I will not support him, he is a traitor, a con man, a crook, a narcissist, a liar and so much more. Sadly, America, he may get to finish his term as President, but if he gets a second term he will get away with all of the above he has done and never face Justice.

The House and Nancy Pelosi and her Democrats must make a very important decision here and now, do they allow Trump to continue along and run and win a second term, and walk away from the crimes he has committed? O, Do they stand tall, make a move and start Impeachment Proceeding now and save America from a second coming of Donald Trump?

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