Donald John Trump, can not be given four more years!

45 presidents the United States of America has now had, and until this one, none would dare to approach, listen to or ask for help to win an election, from a foreign country, or power or enemy of the country, until Donald John Trump!

I remind all Americans of the 44 Presidents who came before Trump, not a one of them, would side with, or ask help of a communist country and sworn American enemy! yet here we sit with an American President. who is doing just that. Why?

What makes a die-hard Trump supporter, that’s what I want to know now! What makes people blindly follow a lying, con man, and a treasonous man? Sadly, blindly loyal, is not an excuse for what is happening here.

Talk to Trump supporters, ask them why they support Donald J. Trump, the first words you will here is he is great for jobs. Look at the job numbers, he creates jobs! IT’s a lie and he is a liar period. Companies are disappearing under Trump, car manufacturers are laying off people, due to no one buying folks. Steel prices have risen due to Trump Tariffs on Canada, and Mexico and european nations too. ford just laid off over 500 white collar workers too.

Trump said I will bring jobs back to America from overseas. check it not a one came back to America, due t high tax rates and other costs to run a company here. He lied again and always does.

He has murdered Obama Care also, leaving millions without Health Care Coverage and never replaced it at all. He will tell you he created Trump Care, but it’s a worthless program that won’t pay shit, or cover illnesses. It will cost families big time across America, why, because it now leaves the burden for elderly care on the families taht are raising children now.

I wonder, what the Founding Fathers, would say if they saw what Trump is folks? Here is a man with the stupidity and disrespect of America and it’s Government, and way of life, sitting at the Resolute desk in the Oval Office, telling a newscaster, he would accept help and information from China and Russia or any other nation in his race for President. That in and of itself, should anger and worry all Americans, he is sitting in the Oval Office of our white House telling China and Russia he is open to help from them so he can win reelection!, he is selling out the Presidency and America so he can get a second term, sad!

In the end we are living with a con man, a crook, a cheat, a liar and the worst President in American History ever. He has Zero Accomplishments to his Presidency, he is wasting money on redoing Air Force One and it’s paint job, he is wasting billions building a wall on our southern border, between us and Mexico also.

Look, Mexico has dug under, gone over or around any barrier we have put in their way to get to American Citizens and sell them drugs forever now. No wall will stop them, they will keep coming, just look at the tunnels found every where you look. A wall is not the answer against drugs and it is definitely not the anwer for immigration purposes either.

Trumps Tariffs, have hit Canada, Mexico, Germany, France, Great Britain, and other nations also like China and even Russia. Why Tariff your friends folks? Just Tariff the hell out of China and Russia and enemies, not friends and allies!

What is taking place here, is an illegal Presidency, bought and paid for by Russian Rubles and controlled by Putin. Sadly, someone in Russia has photos or audio recordings they are holding over Trump’s head and blackmailing and controlling him. When Lindsey Graham got too loud objecting to Trump, way back at the beginning of Trump’s term, Trump sent him to Russia. He came back a different Lindsey Graham suddenly a die-hard Trump backer now, why? The Russians found something on Graham also and are controlling him.

Look Russia is an expert at blackmail and controlling people and killing them too. destroying people to further Russia and what they want is what Putin does folks andhe does it well. Just ask Trump and Graham!

No American President should be meeting with any leader of any nation one on one without someone there, to record and listen in. Trump did with Putin, he did with Kim Jung UN, why? There is a danger to meeting with these communist leader one on one with no witnesses period and we all know it.

I will say this now and here, Congress needs to act and act now, to stop Trump!. I understand it takes too long to Impeach him and it will run right into the Election Cycle, sadly, it will and he will probably get reelected if it goes that way. It’s what Trump wants folks, he wants the Democrats to try top impeach him, so he can use it to get reelected and run out the time on the possible charges he may face. Time limits are everything here folks, and if he is reelected he has outrun all the crimes he committed to get the Office of the Presidency, and will walk away scot-free!

Sadly, Americans do not realize exactly what Trump has done. He worked with an Enemy of The United States to buy the Presidency and got it. It’s called collusion folks, or at least cooperating with an enemy of the United States, and that is Treason!

Then, he Obstructed Justice by blocking all questions and subpoenas, investigating all he was apart of, and is covering it all up. How much further will Congress and Americans allowed this man to destroy our country, our republic and democracy?

Action must be taken, or America will fall flat on it’s face on the world stage! Demand Action America. Demand a new President, and charge Donald John Trump as soon as he leaves Office, Arrest him! The day he leaves office, he should be fitted for an orange jumpsuit and locked away to await trial as a criminal.

He knows what he is doing folks, he is not stupid at all, he knows if he wins a second term and gets four more years, he doesn’t get charged for the crimes he committed, time limits! Don’t let America’s biggest liar and con man and crook, get away!

Donald John Trump, can not be given four more years! Not if America is to survive and Prosper!

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