Don’t Vote Trump !!!!

This Morning I was watching CNN and happened to tune in to it, as an interview with a panel of voters was being done, with Allison Camorato. This panel was mixed of course, men, women, black and white, and I was shocked at some of the answers I heard from them.

To all the Democrats who are backing Donald Trump I want to say a few things, that must be shouted out from on high, down upon your ears and heads. And I want to say it in a way that will hit you right between the eyes and in the wallets too. As well as hitting you politically, so you will understand.

Donald John Trump is a con man,a thief, a liar, a draft dodger and a loser in business in every way there is out there. But, I know how you Trump supporters think, and believe me that statement would never be enough for you to change your minds.

So, I will spell some of this out for all of you to see and understand up front and with honesty here.

  1. Donald John Trump was given over 4 million dollars at four years old folks, then his father left him millions more including the Trump Organization when he reached legal age. He was never and never shall be a self-made billionaire, ok. It is a lie. He has no idea what it is like to be middle class or below.
  2. People tell me, Trump is great for the economy, that is a lie also, he is hurting the economy. Take a long hard look at American Farmers who can’t sell their crops because of Trump’s Tariffs. Take a long hard look at the Auto Industry and Ford laying off white collar workers and factory workers too. The price of your food is rising, the price of your clothing is rising and the price of everyday living is too.
  3. Trump I was told by one Trump Supporter recently is a great businessman. Another lie and falsehood here. This is a man who failed at more than one business folks, he filed bankruptcy four times. He opened numerous businesses over time, look them up, Trump Water, Trump Steaks, Trump University, and more. Each one failed so big he had to close their doors and shut them down within months. He failed with Casinos in Atlantic City New Jersey Folks, who fails to keep a casino above water and in the black, no one i know, look at Las Vegas. This is a man who says he knows debt better then anyone and loves using it. He Failed do you understand that!
  4. Now I also want to inform all ex-military personnel and those serving right now in the United States Military Service, and I can say this I am a Disabled Veteran who served my country for 16 years. Do you all understand you Commander in Chief of The United States Military Forced is a draft dodger. NOt once, not twice but five times over and that his daddy paid a Doctor to claim he had bone spurs in his feet, to keep him from going to war for his country.
  5. Trump has failed ay Diplomacy badly in many ways also. He failed in North Korea they laugh at him now, he failed in Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq and has us now on the border of war with Iran, one of the largest nations in the Middle East. Sad.
  6. He lies on average of 24 times a day to the American People and none of you so called Democrats for Trump notice it or say a thing. Why?
  7. It is obvious by way of the Mueller Report that number 1) Trump asked for and received Russian and Putin’s help to beat Hillary Clinton in the 2016 Presidential race. He stood before a worldwide television audience and asked Russia to find Hillary’s 30,000 emails if they could, less then 5 hours later they did it. His son and Jared Kushner held a meeting with a Russian in Trump Tower and claimed it was about Adoption and we all now know it is a lie. He then wrote the letter for his son on Air Force one and denied that too.
  8. Mueller found also 10 cases of Obstruction of Justice, Trump was a part of and is hiding today.
  9. He is suppressing and refusing to acknowledge and obey the laws of the Country, when he refuses to answer supenoeas, prevents others from his administration who are no longer working for him to testify to Congress. It’s all Obstruction of Justice folks and it is worse than anything Richard M. Nixon did, why, because it all involves the use of and involvement with an enemy of the United States of America. In fact, if examined more closely by Congress, it should be deemed Treason, he colluded with Russia, a sworn foe of America. He accepted help from a enemy of our nation, with open arms and publically for all to see. The last American to try to do anything along these lines was Benedict Arnold folks, during the Revolutionary War. Arnold was vanquished and forced out of America, and died in England in an American Uniform, crying he did wrong and wanted to come home.
  10. he has no right as a citizen and American President to claim anything other than Executive Privilege in any Investigation by Congress. There is no such thing as this Immunity bullshit he is trying to play with Hope Hicks testimony to Congress, with DOn McGhan’s testimony either or anyone else’s. He is not a King, America got rid of a King during the Revolutionary War,

In closing let me say this to those who voted Trump in 2016, This man can not be given four more years as President. What he is doing is dragging out and prolonging the process so he can be reelected as President in November 2020 to avoid charges period. He knows and so does COngress there are time limits on said charges and he can not be charged while in office. While getting a Second Term would save him from any conviction or serving of time, it is not proper, it is not right and it is wrong if he is reelected. He has done enough damage to the american People, The Country and our reputation in the world, period. Don’t Vote Trump !!!!

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