My Ebooks on Amazon for Sale!

I write small e-books and try to sell them on Amazon E-books! I try to sell them to get known as a writer and to try to help with he cost of fighting my wife’s Breast Cancer which has metastasized to her bones. We have been struggling to keep her alive now since, 2005 when the breast cancer first appeared in her.

2005 to 2019 is long battle for any cancer patient to fight, and as her husband, I fight and stand by her side through all the scans, the radiations and the chemos too. Her Taxol Chemo is done now after 2 years of it and the Doctor has put her on ImmunoTherapy drugs. We fight on and on and on to keep her alive! God Bless her for fighting, never surrendering and for all she has brought to me, the world and everyone else’s lives too.

If you want to help, Buy a cheap book or two! All will be appreciated! Thanks for at least looking!

An Ordinary Man: Who Tries! by [McCurrach, William]

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