Trump must go!

As The Democratic Party prepares to Debate among themselves over issues the American People need done, we get ready for what also could be war with IRAN, because of an incompetent, lying, cheating, pervert in the White House. Why?

Look I have argued with hard line Trump Supporters and his loyal followers now for going on three years. They refuse to understand facts, and when you hit them with them, they double down and back up and still remain Trump Supporters. It’s sad really, for in order to believe in Trump you have to be blind, stupid or in complete denial of all the facts against him and all he has failed to do and has failed at.

It is obvious to me he colluded with Russia and Putin to win the Presidency and used Russian Rubles to do so, also. It is also obvious he is covering up that fact and much, much more. He Obstructs Justice daily, and lies to the American People an average of 24 times per day. He is a sad excuse for a man, in my book. He has a lack of morals and ethics and he will steal and con America as far and long as he can.

He is using the same old script he started using in 2015 when he ran for President all over again. It’s like a repeat show and his followers come out to see it and scream and shout Make America Great Again! The Truth is America is great, will always be great and it doesn’t need Donald J. Trump to be that way. Sadly, too many people got fooled, conned, and led by the nose to vote for Trump in the 2016 Presidential Election, and now we have an incompetent, morally and ethically dysfunctional man running America!

He fails at all he starts, he failed in business and filed for bankruptcy four times. His Trump Water, Steaks and his Casinos all went under. he is not a great businessman at all, and even his book was never his, it belonged to his ghost writer who put Trump’s name on it. The Art of The Deal, is not Trump’s work, nor did he write a word of it, he had interviews with the writer and had very little input to it. The Art of Trump’s Deal is selling his name to others and taking credit for what they do, not him.

He has colluded with our enemy, he has used russian rubles to get the Presidency and from day one he’s been lying to america. He lied about the size of his crowd at his inauguration even. Talk about vain and selfish and a lost cause huh, lying to the people about the first crowd size. lol

His Obstruction of Justice is the most in American History by any President period. His list of crimes and accusations against him are so many, no President in history has more. Trump is the fourth American President to be talked about in terms of Impeachment, his crimes outweigh all the other three combined. Andrew Johnson, was Impeached for firing the Secretary of War Edwin Stanton, Richard Nixon was Impeached for Watergate and the break ins, and lying to the American People, William Jefferson Clinton was brought up on Impeachment Charges for a damn blowjob folks and he wasn’t convicted. Sadly, Trump has more charges and more accusations than anyone in American History who has been elected President.

He has failed in North Korea, He failed in Afghanistan, he fails in Iran, Iraq and more nowadays too. They laugh at him! He went to talk to the United Nations and they laughed at him face to face and he tried to deny it, but it is on tape. No American President has ever been laughed at in the United Nations in America’s History, except Donald J. Trump. Sad.

He was never and shall never be a self-made billionaire folks. His father left him 4.6 million at 4 years old! He must have known people would check records but he lies anyway.

He sits in the White House as President, and he is the Commanding Officer of the United States Military, and he is a draft dodger not once, not twice, but at least four times over. He never served a day in the military. His father paid a Doctor money to write letters to the draft board to get him out of serving for bone spurs in his feet. He has no bone spurs and never did, he is a coward and draft dodger and it’s sad.

Look, I can sit here and go through Trump’s life step by step and show the failures he has had but is it worth the effort? More than likely not, because his die hard loyal followers will still go to the polls come November 200 and vote for him again. It will be sad indeed if they do, for all he wants a second term for is to ride out the time limits on the crimes he has committed in office, so he doesn’t go to prison for them.

As to whether he should be Impeached or not, here is my opinion. Impeach him, start the proceedings, even if they never complete them. Show all of America his many crimes, the accusations and more. publically. I understand The Senate won’t vote yes to Impeach, that’s not the point now, is it? The point I am getting to is this, let’s hold the hearings in the House and start the Impeachment Process and put it on television and radio and in the newspapers. Let’s get the information out there publically and let the american people see the facts. The more they know and we as americans know regarding Trump’s actions in Office, the better chance he will not be reelected.

Bring in all the former members of the Trump Administration who were fired. bring in Robert Mueller and his report, make Donald Trump Jr, testify publicly for all to see. Lets question all who worked on Trump’s campaign, and let America hear the answers now. If you don’t do it now, Donald John Trump will never face the charges and he may very well get reelected, as Joe Biden starts stepping on his toes and self destructing himself, now is the time to act.

Nancy Pelosi, I admire her for her stance on many things I do, what I disagree with is letting Trump get away with the 10 charges of Obstruction of Justice, collusion with Russia, using russian rubles to win the election in 2016. There is a time Nancy Pelosi and the democrats must make a choice or shut up and let Trump win. I am hoping Nancy Pelosi and the democrats, will wake up and realize the time is now. I know they want to beat him in the election and get the White House back, and then jail Trump, but, if you don’t Impeach him now, he may win in November 2020 and get away with it all. I say start the Impeachment Inquiry, start the hearings, build the pressure and make the pot boil under him. He has almost put us into a war with Iran now over a downed drone, don’t let it happen. Stop him, take away the power, take it back to Congress, don’t let him declare war without a check and balance system or asking Congress if he can.

In the end let me say this to Nancy Pelosi, you have a duty to defend and protect the Constitution of the United States of America and it’s homeland and people, it is time to stand up and call for Trump’s Impeachment and get the hearings started! No President is a King, no President was elected a Dictator either, expose all he has done to the American People, lets get him out of office by Impeachment or the Election, but Trump must go!

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