Voted Donald J. Trump into Office as President, you should all hang your heads in shame!

The Embarrassment of The United States Of America is sitting at the Resolute Desk in The Oval Office daily. His speech and rhetoric and the things he says and does embarrass and shame real americans. Those who voted him into Office should run and hide and duck in shame, this man, Donald John Trump is the worst President in American History.

He is also the most dangerous President to ever hold the Office, because he has no idea what he is doing globally and with our allies or with our enemies.

He lies on average 24 times a day to the American People, publically on television too for the world to see.

He stood on stage before the world and America during the 2016 election asking for Russia to find Hillary Clinton’s emails and 5 hours later Russia attempted to do just as he asked. Yet he says he did not collude with Russia, liar. He used Russian Rubles to buy ads on Twitter, FaceBook and other internet websites and television and newspaper ads too, to get elected. Claims he had nothing to do with it, point is he did, he allowed it to happen and encouraged it too.

He Colluded with Russia and Putin and Hillary Clinton was correct, Donald John Trump is a Putin Puppet!

The Mueller report if you read it folks, tells the full story of Trump’s involvement and knowledge of russian interference in the 2016 election and his encouragement of it and his acceptance of their help. Read the Report folks!

He has actively been Obstructing Justice from the day he took Office and tried to protect Michael Flynn. He lied to all Americans about the size of the crowd at his Inauguration folks, that should have told ya something right there. He is vain, he is selfish, he is a loose cannon on the world stage. He failed in Afghanistan, Iran and Iraq too, then add in his failure with North Korea and you have an incompetent President. He does not deserve to be the Commander in Chief of The United States Military, he never served one day and he is a draft dodger too. It’s a sad, sad, story for all to see.

His Tariffs are tearing the world apart and costing Americans billions of dollars. Farmers can’t sell crops, Automotive makers are laying off white collar and blue collar workers, the steel mills are not coming back folks, he lied. Even the commercial store and retail industry is shutting down in America, JCPenney, Macys, Kmart/Sears, malls are closing their doors and the ones that are open have so many empty spots it’s sad to see. Malls now look at like graveyards of stores.

I understand Nancy Pelosi who says she doesn’t want to Impeach Donald Trump, time is a factor and so is the Senate not willing to grow up and see the truth because they are Republicans. She is right Trump must be beaten at the polls come November 2020. The best way is to have the people vote him out and then, arrest and charge him for crimes against the American People.

I did not vote for Donald Trump, and would never have period. He is now and was then a phoney, a con man, a liar, a narcissist, and a fool. He is destroying America from within under the instructions of Putin and Russia. sadly, too many American still want to believe in him, desperation will not save them, for sure.

As the 2020 Election Cycle begins and Trump comes back for reelection shouting the same old bullshit he did before on Immigration, and The Wall and how he hates Hillary Clinton, I hope Americans get the facts straight next. He has no economy that is his, he is living off of and claiming an economy built by Presidents before him. He has done nothing worthwhile for the middle class or below either, He did kill ObamaCare, which he claims as a victory, but in fact is not really, for he left millions of people with no healthcare coverage or ways to make ends meet. So they are getting stuck with medical and prescription costs that are burying them alive.

Donald John Trump does not belong in the White House, nor does he belong with the Title and Position of President of The United States! He belongs in a cell, in an orange jumpsuit staring out from behind bars, he is a liar, thief, con man, sexual harasser and pervert. He is a danger to the United States !

For those who Voted Donald J. Trump into Office as President, you should all hang your heads in shame!

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