My Opinions and Arguments!

A debate and argument is happening in America at this time and I saw it splash across Internet headlines this am. Tear Down Robert E. Lee statues and civil war statues representing the South during the Civil War. I understand why the African American people want to do this in America, I don’t agree with them 100 percent.

America has fought many a war around the world and at home here. The Civil War, was a battle not just for freedom of slaves and to end slavery in America. It turned to that after it started folks, not from the beginning. It was about two different opinions on how America should be, one was a manufacturing base and the other a farming nation. That was the original argument and reason for the Civil War. Abraham Lincoln a white man who was the Best President in American History in my opinion, made it about slavery, when he wrote his speech. The Emancipation Proclamation!

Now I understand the cruelty and inhuman treatment of African Americans who were forced to America by our forefathers and many after them, I do. While we all, at least those of us with a brain understand slavery was wrong and painful and unnecessary, it was not done by the whole nation at the time. It was being done by Southern American Farmers to produce crops and get them out. Not the Northern half of the country, which worked to help slaves become free men and women, help them escape the slavery ways of the southerners by way of tunnels and more. So, why ask all of America to pay for the crimes of the southern half of the country?

My argument is not whether slavery was wrong, and it was and would still be today if it happened again, my argument is over who should pay for it all.

My second argument is over the tearing down and removal and destruction of all things related to the Confederacy of The United States. Many like Robert E. Lee had schools and statues built by Southerners about their lives and actions during the Civil War. Were they personally responsible for slavery or it continuing or ending, I don’t think so.

By destroying and removing all statues of Robert E. Lee and other Southern Generals and all references to the Civil War, people are trying to erase an important part of American History period. It’s wrong to do, if you don’t like the public display or use of their names or statues, then move them into museums, but don’t kill the history of what America is or was.

I am in fact a person who loves all history when it comes to America and I am a patriot, who served his country for 16 years in three different branches of service, I served side by side with African Americans, Hispanic Americans, Indian Americans, and all kinds ,to protect and defend the United States of America. We all love this country, and I don’t care what color you are, what language you speak, what culture or beliefs you may have, we are all Americans. We need to preserve the history of America and leave Americans to make the choices they wish to make.

We are a nation based on religious freedoms, gun rights, laws and the right to choose. We were started to escape being ruled by Kings who would tax us to pieces, who would force their religious beliefs on us and who would suppress who we are. We can not suppress or remove the history of America, regarding the Civil War, if you do you might as well wipe out Abraham Lincoln from our history books. Or remove the Forefathers from American History, who wrote the Constitution and The Bill of Rights and established American Government. Many of them owned slaves including Washington, Jefferson, and others.

We are America folks, we grow, we learn, we change, we advance and we overcome, we don’t kill each other over past mistakes we can not change. What we do, do, is we learn and change and evolve and move ahead to create a more perfect union and nation that all shall be proud of. Don’t remove history or hide it folks, shine a light on it, and avoid doing it over, but learn, grow and evolve, or America will never be right.

Let me close this blog with what I believe is causing the most discontent, anger and fighting among the races in America and dividing our country, Donald John Trump. Trump has pushed racism, bigotry, and hate to a point beyond all measure in America. He is a sad excuse for a man, and the worst American President in United States History. If you want to change America, make America one again elect a President who will pull all together as one, all colors, all races all nationalities.

America has been around now for 243 years, we have advanced science, we have advance medicine, we have advanced all in all ways. how about we advance mutual respect, honor, caring and equality for all in America. How about we integrate all cities , all towns, all neighborhoods and schools. How about all of us no matter what color, race or nationality, admit we are human we make mistakes, how about we show each other we care, we bleed, we hurt and we feed as one nation not in seperate places or homes, restricted to one color, one race. I can say this, because i lived it in the projects as a kid, growing up among blacks, hispanics, whites and more, mixed neighborhoods are good for all involved folks. You learn from a young age to be considerate, and respectful and how to deal with people, not because of color but to treat them as they treat you, based on mutual understanding that all are human beings and all are on the same economic footing struggling to survive.

My final statement for today is this, Women can and should be President of the United States. I don’t care what all the macho males in Washington say, they are wrong. Women, can multitask better than men, they can work, clean a home, raise children, run businesses, and do all men can do. Women deserve to be President and in my opinion anyone not realizing this can kiss my ever loving rear end.

A woman President may be the ultimate President of the United States, for in the end if they can give birth, raise children, work jobs, run a household and a business, and still stand proud, well they deserve it and have earned it in more ways than one.

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