Reality vs Imagination, ever wonder why it exists? I used to love as a kid to live in my imagination and I was not alone as many will testify to.

Many children live in imagination instead of reality for good reason, they are escaping the pain of their home life and family.

Some escape into the woods behind their homes only to be seen when it is necessary to eat, clean up, or sleep. Others, escape into the imaginary worlds of books and comic books, they read and dream of being Superheroes. I know many parents would tell you, no such thing as a superhero right, well, in comic book land there are.

I escaped to comic book land long ago as a child, why because it was a place I didn’t have to face the family I grew up from in., and they seemed to let me be if I did. I grew up with favorite superheros and their stories made up by Marvel and DC comic creators and artists. Storytellers who did so in a graphic comic book, drawing characters and empowering them with powers.

Many children who grew up in my era did the same thing I did, they escaped into comic books and the characters became favorites of theirs too. We had Superman, we had Batman, We had the Green Hornet and Kato, Supergirl, Wonder Woman too. We had Marvel’s versions of these too, in The X-Men, Fantastic Four, The Avengers,and more over the years. The character list grew and grew over the years from these two comic book giants.

I would imagine one day I was Green Lantern and the next Iron Man or Captain America. I would escape into my imagination and make it work for me, and still survive in the real world and all the trouble and problems of it all.

Stan Lee, who died recently and who was maybe the greatest comic artist and creator of superheros, created some of the best. His work will live on forever there is no doubt. It has hit the big screen in big ways now a days. Iron Man Movies, The Avengers, The Black Panther all from Marvel and their comics and their minds. Children look up to heros folks, we admire them, we learn from them and we try to be like them in real life. Stan Lee gave each one of his heros a fault or two and as you read the comics back then, you learned that not even superheros were perfect.

DC Comics did the same with many of their comic book heros too. Superman, Batman, Batgirl, Robin, Aquaman, and yes Green Lantern. Each and every hero had a different part of the world they defended or reason for being. Green Arrow protected Star City, The Flash had Central City, Superman had Metropolis, and so on, Aquaman had Atlantis for instance. Each adopted or learn abilities that helped their cause in fighting for Justice and The American Way.

Stan Lee did the same with Spiderman, The X-men, Daredevil, Doctor Strange and more all out of Marvel comics. If it wasn’t for these two comic book companies, many a child may have gone astray, or gotten into trouble, without these stories and fables and imaginary powers. The idea is this for me, art work combined with imagination works folks, and comic books deserve a place in American History and Lore. Many will say, it’s childish to read them and imagine your something you can never be, don’t tell that to those of us, who know we can and have fun doing so and never hurt anyone doing it, ok.

Stan Lee, brought to all, a world of Marvel Comics, super powers and imagination few could ever do. His journey’s into other worlds, in comics like The Fantastic Four, The Avengers, or time travels to save the world and universe were great imaginary trips for children to learn values, and more.

I am now 63 years old and have been a comic book fan all my life, I escaped into the comic book imagination world decades ago. I have copies of old comics I save, my favorites being DC’s Green Lantern and Marvel’s Avengers and Iron Man series. When I saw it all splash on the big screen at one time or another in the 1990’s and on, I was amazed and ran to the theatres to see them all. I marveled at the stories, the special effects, the animation and in the end the humanity of each hero and how in their own way they overcame their fears, their faults, their own humanity to step up and save the world, their city, their country or universe. They cam from Outer Space some like The Silver Surfer, with cosmic power no ordinary human could have of course. Yet each character that were created, formed, drawn or animated, always ended up coming back to human faults, traits, fears, and solutions, including at times self sacrifice. I still love comic books and superhero movies and will till the day I die. I shook my head and felt sad when The Avenger;s End Game ended when I saw it. For heros are not supposed to die folks. Nor are heros supposed to leave us in any other way, they are there for a reason, because mankind needs them. Superheros may be imaginary and not real, but, they do affect many childrens and yes even adults hearts and minds in positive ways and make the world a better place to live. It give children with problems from Attention Deficit Disorder, and Hyperactivity, to cancer victims and more, a place to go to, when the pain is too much to bear or they can’t handle it no more and it doesn’t hurt or harm it helps.

Whether your a fan of DC Comics or Marvel Comics or any other comic book, or an avid reader of books, the arts of drawing, coloring or inking, story telling, help humanity understand it’s own fault, it’s own solutions and make some wish they too could be superheros in every way.

I write folks, and I do children stories many times or I do murder mysteries and no I am not great at it. I try and do what I can and i make grammar errors or typos, or I don’t make the story long enough or tell it properly for all to understand. It is indeed an art to write folks, it’s also a pleasure to tell a story in a way others may like to read it. Reading is fundamental folks to the survival or education and mankind and it does not matter what nationality you are, what color you are, where you are from or anything else. What matters is the learning process, the ability to lift yourself out of the bad spots and grow and advance in society. Use it folks, read again, learn folks, get the facts, make the decisions that are right in the world and prevent trouble, crime and injustices from happening. Mankind needs heros, we can’t have super powers, but we can be super leaders, super teachers, super individuals unique to ourselves and still help make the world a better place and mankind much better.

A Poem I wrote states it best if you Ask Me:


If I am born,I can breathe,

If I can Breathe, I can Live,

If I can Live, I can Achieve,

If I can Achieve, I can learn and grow,

If I can learn and grow, I can Help those I know,

Making mine and their lives whole!

Dare to Dream, Dare to Achieve, Dare to live for what you Believe! ! !

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